Best Places to Go (2013)

Travel Picks: Best Places to Go in 2013 : Condé Nast Traveler.

Nashville made the list! Here's what they say about it:

"The new Nashville offers two things worth traveling for: a hot, trendy new food scene and its famous, funky music scene. The “haute southern” cuisine is flourishing in Nashville at restaurants like The Patterson House and The Catbird Seat. Not to mention some of the tastiest and most creative c*cktails we've ever tried. At night, you can't walk two blocks without coming across some incredible live music, from bluegrass to brass bands, zydeco to country."

Where to stay: Try the Hutton Hotel [I fixed one of the managers' computersthere!] for a sophisticated yet modern atmosphere, with rooms starting at $197.


is lying in bed, social networking on my laptop, listening to my wife and daughter “fight”/tease each other in the other room, while I've got the cat cuddled up on my left and two out of three pugs cuddled up on my right.

Which Website Would You Choose

If you were on a deserted island with an Internet connection and a pug, but could only access ONE website, which site would it be?

(BTW, the pug is irrelevant, I just like pugs!)

  • Facebook – 3 votes
  • Google – 2 votes
  • Kindle – 1 votes
  • Twitter – 1 votes
  • Your webmail – 1 votes
  • Other – 1 votes
  • Pinterest – 0 votes
  • Wikipedia – 0 votes
  • Your own blog – 0 votes
  • Hulu or Vudu, etc. – 0 votes
  • YouTube or Vimeo, etc. – 0 votes
  • Your local news website – 0 votes
  • Craigslist, etc. (really? why?) – 0 votes
  • Klingon Language Institute ( – 0 votes
  • – 0 votes
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