Cincinnati passes resolution requiring GE food labeling

Cincinnati passes resolution requiring GE food labeling.


And that’s where Kroger is headquartered, which might make it more interesting.

The gravitylight, lighting for developing countries

GravityLight: lighting for the developing countries on Vimeo

This is so cool!

Serialized version of Operation Detour

New book out!

I have serialized my novel, “Operation Detour,” here.

If you don’t want to wait,

Lit motors builds a car that breaks the rules

via Lit Motors Builds a Car that Breaks the Rules.

"Right now, electric cars are not sustainable,” he says. “The average electric car battery pack is four times larger than ours, with one-third the range. If


UPDATE: Franklin has been adopted!

Our daughter was sad to see him go, but he’s now in a good home. And they’re close to us, so Elizabeth might get to visit sometimes.