Walmart, 50 Years of Gutting America’s Middle Class

This (below) is why we hate Walmart.

Too many people don't understand this.

They just want “low prices” no matter the overall, long-run cost.

from Walmart: 50 Years of Gutting America's Middle Class

"Walmart's explosive growth has gutted two key pillars of the American middle class: small businesses and well-paid manufacturing jobs."

Diary, 7/2/2012

It almost rained today. I know, exciting. Apparently, it did rain pretty hard in some places, but not here on “the south side.” Hopefully, by this time next week it will have rained several times. The possibility is in the forecast, anyway. Just trying to keep my “crops” healthy.

As Mark Twain said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it!” Of course, that may soon change if it hasn't already, thanks to HAARP, which is an open secret.

Conversely, the Russians are proud of their ability to manipulate the weather.

And now my daughter apparently wants to play peek-a-boo, so I guess that's the end of this post. 🙂

Diary, 6/30/2012

It's supposed to be record heat again today. Yesterday was 109F degrees, which is unheard of in Nashville. Today is supposed to be 107F. I've already watered my fruit trees and vegetable garden in the backyard this morning. Yesterday when I came home from work, the garden was literally wilted from the heat. I have never had an entire garden wilt before.

Inside the house, I'm still trying to get used to our new hardwood laminate floors. I was not happy to get them in the first place, but the dogs (especially our recent rescue/foster dog) and cat had pretty much ruined the carpet. As my wife assured me, we really had no choice. As I signed the contract, I said aloud, “Well, it's a good investment.” It's the only way I could soften the blow to my wallet.

It was installed by Empire, who you're probably familiar with if you live anywhere within a thousand miles of Chicago. They did a good job. The dogs — whose nails now click-clack everywhere they go — don't like the floors. They're all gathered in my office now — which still has carpet — preferring something soft to lay on. When it's hot like yesterday and this afternoon, though, they'll be laid out on the cooler hardwoods. The thing I feel most guilty about is that they can no longer get enough traction to jump up on the couches or bed.

I know, civilized people don't allow that, but I have no problem with them on the couch. They're small. If they were Great Danes instead of Pugs, my rules would be different.

First, Chandler was simply too old to jump onto the bed, which really is quite a leap for a Pug, anyway. Then Daisy developed hip displaysia, so we had to start picking her up and putting her on the bed. But now even the youngest, Joey, hesitates. We're trying to transition them away from the bed, anyway, so this might be a good thing.

Well, I should get back outside while it's relatively cool, and water the shade trees in front. I need to improve that circle of soil at their bases.