More Evidence Points to Pesticide As Cause of Mass Bee Deaths

So, literally, for the sake of human survival, please stop using at least this one pesticide by Bayer!

via More Evidence Points to Pesticide as Cause of Mass Bee Deaths.

"A new study published in Naturwissenschaften — The Science of Nature by a leading bee expert provides damning evidence that a widely-used pesticide, even at low levels, is responsible for the recent catastrophic decline in honey bees. Dr. Jeff Pettis of the USDA's Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, MD led the study."

Newt Gingrich Promises Palin a Presidential Appointment

via Newt Gingrich Promises Palin a Presidential Appointment and Commits a Felony.

And Gingrich thinks he's the intellectual one among his competition.

"…I was honored and delighted last night when she said if she were in South Carolina, she'd vote for Newt Gingrich….
…I would ask her to consider taking a major role in the next administration if I'm president…"

Ron Paul 2 in Nh Democratic Primary Democra

Ron Paul 2 in NH … Democratic Primary! | Democrats for Ron Paul

Everybody already knows that Ron Paul placed second in the New Hampshire 2012 Republican Presidental Primary. But, at 7 o'clock tonight, the New Hampshire Secretary of State published the full results of the primary, including write-ins, and Ron Paul also won the #2 spot in the Democratic Primary.

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Chandler's a good dog. He's been through a lot in this life (before we adopted him, that is) and will probably never fully recover. Never fully trust anyone again. I know the feeling. Maybe that's what we have in common. Whatever it is, I just love the heck out of that dog.

And now he's getting old, like me. Blind in one eye. Mostly blind, anyway. Losing his hearing. You can't scold him. Well, go ahead, but he won't hear you, and if you're on his left side, he won't see you. His favorite thing to do is sleep. When he's awake, his favorite thing is peeing on things. That's about the only bad habit he has.

He's better than me that way.

And here he is hanging out, Elizabeth and Chandler, and on the couch.

Trap Doors in New Hampshire Elections


1. Removed safeguards for its same-day registration system.

2. Ignores the law on ballot-stuffing safeguards

3. Breaks the chain of custody

4. Conceals vote-counting from the public, in violation of Article 32 of its own Constitution

5. Removed candidate recount rights 2009

6. Made it illegal for public citizens or members of the press to examine the ballots after the election is over 2003

via Black Box Voting : USA 1/12 – AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT –.