San Francisco in 1906

Things were a lot more freely-moving back then. And the kids seemed to be having fun. Reminds me of Russian traffic today, only they have slightly newer forms of transportation now. 🙂


Eleven Rottweiler puppies

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See for more details.

6 ways mushrooms can save the world

Very cool talk given here. He talks fast, so you have to pay close attention.

via 6 ways mushrooms can save the world

"Mycologist Paul Stamets lists 6 ways the mycelium fungus can help save the universe: cle

Newly discovered radio station

I just got my car back from the shop. $1500. Ouch!

On the way home, though, I turned on the radio. All my preset stations were gone. Right. Whenever they reset the onboard computer, it resets my radio station presets. Kinda weird that it would, actually. Doesn’t the radio have its own “memory” separate from the car’s computer? Apparently not.

A day without my car

I'm just testing this Windows Live Writer software. UPDATE: There’s now a newer, “open-source” version here.

It was a dark and stormy night … No, it was an unusually cold day … yeah, that's it … for the first

Mr. Happy’s 18th annual unusual Christmas music podcast

Seasons Greetings,

You can “tune in”* via your favorite mp3 player to the show: radio show

What can you expect to hear? About 500 songs (over 24 hours of non-repeat music!) that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • musicians I like that happened to mak