Elizabeth’s Birthday

It's this Sunday! Just FYI if you want to send an email or call or whatever.

We should have pictures up here from tomorrow's party at Chuck E. Cheese's.

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New Fence

I forgot to mention that I built a fence last weekend. It only spans about 12 feet from the side of the house to the retaining wall dividing us from our slightly-uphill neighbor. I've still got to cut a gate into it. Hopefully, I can pull that off. [I pulled it off. See below.] Then, maybe next weekend I'll get the other side of the house fenced. That's just a 9 foot section between a neighbor's existing fence and the back corner wall of our house. This is all just to keep the neighbor kids and dogs from using our yard as a shortcut. There's a quasi garden wire type fence now, which is enough to keep a pug in, but not much else. A real fence will ruin the pugs' view of the street, so maybe they'll have less to bark at.

As to the garden, several seedlings (germinating in Dixie cups indoors) are really coming along now. We might plant some of them in the garden this weekend. Which reminds me, I've got to check and see how the already-planted plants did with the past two nights' frost.

Thought for the Day

I was noticing how I'm not as good of a speller as I used be, or at least not as quick. Old age, I figured. Brain deteriorating. Oh well.

Then I decided it's not necessarily that big a deal when certain brain synapses or pathways/habits die or just get worn out. It just forces me to use other mental processes, other brain routes, sending me in new directions, mentally. As long as I still get there, mentally, who cares how?

It reminds me of one of my pet peeves with corporate life. Those who get ahead are usually the ones quickest to come up with a plausible solution. That sounds fine on the surface, but the quickest plausible answer is almost never the best answer.

I prefer to take a few seconds and come up with a better “big picture” answer.
Of course, by then, the conversation has passed me by in favor of the fast talkers.
And then, what's the saying?, “Another bad idea gets through.”

Diary, 4/2/2009

Today is Dad's birthday. 90 years old! Amazing. I'm 48, in case you're wondering. Amazing … ly disgusting! Oh well.

Anyway, back to Dad. Longevity runs in his side of the family.

His mother lived to be 101. His father made it to 81 or so, as did his oldest brother and only sister … I think. I didn't really pay attention to their age when they died. Sorry.

His younger brother is still kicking. A year or so ago, my Dad emailed an article about his brother, titled something like “The Energizer Bunny of Bay Area Contractors.”

Earlier today, just a couple hours ago, there was a tornado warning in Brentwood (TN) where I work. We actually heard the sirens, which means a tornado had been spotted somewhere. I prudently went down one flight of stairs to the ground floor, expecting to hang out in the stairwell. I thought several people would already be there, but there was no one. After about five minutes, I felt stupid and went back up to the office. By then, the storm had passed and the warning had expired, so I turned my computer back on and worked another 45 minutes until it was time to go.

We're getting more and more tornadoes here. Tornado Alley has expanded east into Tennessee.

For some reason on the drive home, I was thinking about our pug, Daisy. She's a sweet puppy normally, but our almost-4-year-old daughter Elizabeth (her birthday is the 19th of this month, by the way) will aggravate her sometimes to the point that Daisy will snap at her. Daisy snaps at her, purposely never biting her. Anyway, I was thinking about the day we brought her home for the first time (six years ago).

We still had our cat Myca at the time. Daisy was so small, we were afraid Myca would just eat her. He had already demonstrated his knack for catching wild “game” (rabbits, mice and birds) and bringing them into the house. We kept Daisy in bed with us for at least a week until we were confident that Myca would not eat her. I was more afraid of one of us rolling over and squishing her while we slept. Anyway, we eventually had her sleeping on a doggie pillow on the floor by the bed. She was as big as Myca by then, I guess, and Myca behaved himself.

Year 2 of my vegetable gardening experiment began last weekend.
Today, the newly-planted stuff is getting a good soaking. Not overwhelming, I hope. Elizabeth and I have so far planted roMaine lettuce, green onions, broccoli and bell peppers.

That's outside. Inside, we've got many more plants germinating: radish, broccoli, onion, squash, tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, watermelon and some sort of red berry that Elizabeth picked off one of our front shrubs. 🙂
Of these, the broccoli started off first, but has since apparently died. I don't know. The radishes are looking good, and the onion is poking its way out of the dirt. Nothing else is above dirt yet.

The Farmer's Almanac predicted that the last frost will happen here on April 6. I had gambled that the last frost was behind me.
Yesterday I saw a prediction for frost next Monday night, the 7th.
I guess I lost that gamble and will have to go out and cover my plants that night.