Diary, 4/26/2008

I took Joey to the vet this morning for a routine follow-up. I volunteered because I thought his appointment would conflict with Tara's plans to take Elizabeth to meet up with her Auntie, Tara's sister Sandy, at the Franklin Street Fair. Tara conveniently allowed me to think that.

When Joey and I got back home, Tara and Elizabeth were both still just lounging around the house, not even out of their pajamas! Anyway, the vet, Dr. Paula, was glad that Joey had lost one pound, but he needs to lose eight more. A pug owner herself, she does NOT like fat pugs.

She gave me a free bag of Diet Iams, or whatever. She and one of her female assistants also commented on Joey's sexiness. Actually, their wording was something like “Joey is bringing the sexy back.” I said, “Yes, he is a very sexy pug. Even the cat's in love with him.” I didn't mention that Chandler is always trying to hump him, but that might not qualify as “love.” But, yes, Joey is a very handsome boy. Don't worry, he's not conceited at all. Anyway, the cat Sunny will rub up against Joey the same as she rubs against a human leg to put her scent on a person. Purring the whole time, she'll groom him with her tongue. It's true love. Joey is also probably Elizabeth's favorite. And that makes sense because he's the most outgoing and friendly.

Having said all that, however, he is also available for adoption to a loving home. Whoever adopts him would have to love him as much as we do, and we do very much. He's our most recent pug adoption, about a year now, but he's just one too many animals. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the cat, too, come to think of it. Maybe you can take both? Don't worry, if we can't adopt them out, we'll keep them and love them as we've been doing all along.

Elizabeth is NOT available for adoption. 🙂 She and Tara planted flowers around the mailbox last night, by the way. They're very pretty … and so are the flowers. Ha-ha. The wildflower seeds that Elizabeth and I had scattered a couple months ago are now blooming, too. And speaking of the yard, it's now late enough and cool enough and I need to go mow the lawn.

Daisy wrestling with Sunny

Kentucky Derby (2008)

Here's a list of possible starters for next week's Kentucky Derby: Derby 2008.

The experts are divided between Big Brown, Colonel John and Pyro as their picks. You can see their picks on that page, above. You can also see all the horses' recent race results. Pyro was the overwhelming favorite until he finished 10th in the Blue Grass last time out, behind Monba. I like Big Brown because he has such a long stride, he blew past everyone and won the Florida Derby last time out. Of course, the same can be said of Colonel John, who won the Santa Anita Derby. Florida Derby winners just seem to do better in the Kentucky Derby for some reason.


Online Radio stations


from Don (ca. 2010)

As broadcast radio continues to drive itself into self-extinction with their worship of mediocrity (the new American disease), there's a new type of radio called satellite radio. You can buy a satellite radio for your car and subscribe. Not sure about availability for your area. But you can go to www.xm.com and listen to some good programming, free on your computer. All their programmers are supposed to be really into whatever type of music they program, so it's music by and for music lovers, apparently, rather than music haters … I mean businessmen.


from Don (ca. 2010)

I finally broke down and got XM Radio for the car. Go to www.xm.com and listen to what kind of stations they have. Only $200 for a Delphi setup at Best Buy, plus $10 a month. The Loft and XM Cafe are probably my favorite stations. Deep Tracks has the lesser-known oldies. Quite a few hard and alternative type rock. Also there are the various decade channels, which are all hits from that decade. There are comedy channels and talk also, but I haven't checked them out yet. Good jazz, blues and classical. Haven't heard a commercial yet, but some stations supposedly have some. There's no going back to FM! I don't even consider FM to be MUSIC anymore — it's just advertising and noise. Anybody who drives a lot (lives in So. Cal) NEEDS this. The Delphi receiver's the way to go because you can move the receiver around from car to home or to another car.


by Jeannie Womack

Joseph wore many hats in his life,

the first one was of son,

next an officer, a Dutch Marine,

that to him was fun;

In Maastricht, in '49,

he married his childhood love,

now he was Tina's devoted spouse,

and together they set up a nice, clean house;

8 years went by, his son, John, was born,

3 more years came daughter Ann,

His kids grew up, John became a man,

and soon he saw, he was my father-in-law;

A few years after that happy event,

he put on a wonderful new hat,

he had 2 super granDChildren,

now he was an Opa, can you image that?

The Dutch club he belonged to,

had him play St. Nicholas,

and to Tiffany and Thomas,

this show could not be missed;

Some knew him as Uncle,

others as God-Father,

helping everyone he could,

it was never a bother;

As a leader, teacher, or supervisor,

the hats fit him just fine,

he was a great example,

true to his every word and kind;

He called himself a Child-of-Christ,

he led a Christian life,

his concerns were of his family,

and mostly of his good wife;

I'm honored to have known this man,

his heart so big and warm,

his smile could really light up a room,

his death we will surely mourn;

Most everyone who knew Joseph,

soon would call him friend,

and every hat he has ever worn,

fit him well, even in the end;

So now we all are gathered here,

together, hand-in-hand,

to say “Tot Ziens” and “Ik how van yow“,

to an extraordinary and loving man.

People You’ll Be Missing and Why

by Jeannie Womack

The time has come for you to move on,

but I’m sure you’ll be missing us while you are gone;

No more conversation with boss Catherine to really make you think,

You’ll miss your adventures with supervisor Stella who is always in the pink;

The daily reports from Lala about her bodily functions will cease,

And without you here, Rose’s appetite for report of deposit slips will surely increase;

Your detective skills will be missed you see,

For where, oh where could April’s keys be?

Marsha’s re-printing will continue to rise,

No more pulling Maria’s leg she’s gotten wise;

Oh, the fun you’ll miss when it comes to Joan,

Your money tracing skills the best she has ever known;

Cheryl will have to learn how to speak and only use her mouth,

And Tony’s movie trivia one liners will have gone south;

Gina will have to remember her password each and every day,

And Lila’s whirlwind action in the control room well…we will all just have to pray;

Sandy will be lost without her “Young and Restless” buddy,

11:00 lunch hour will just be fuddy-duddy;

Jennifer’s laughing we know you’ll really miss that,

No more funny Rosalinda stories, “DRAT!”

And for me, the cash turn-ins just won’t be the same,

Your sense of humor is borderline insane;

The phone calls from customers that never seem to end,

The pounds and pounds of plates to Sacramento you send;

I don’t know how you will make it through a single day,

The boredom you’ll experience I just have to say…

Make sure you never call us on Wednesday mornings before 9:00,

We’ll all be busy learning and taking tests at that time;

You’ll miss the lines for the bathroom stall,

And the end of the day check-out free for all;

I guess you have been officially sprung from your cage,

we had to do that so you wouldn’t fly into a rage;

Rumor has it you’ll be spoiling your granDChildren much more,

And Elvis memorabilia, it will drive you to the store;

Frogs in the control room will all be packed away,

I know, I know, you really want to stay;

We know you will really miss our DMV strife,

But try real hard to enjoy your retirement life.

Putsy is the name of my co-worker and she is the control cashier in our office, we turn in all our work and money to her. She collects frogs and Elvis stuff. I read the poem in front of a lot of important people and Putsy thought it was very funny. Some of the lines in the poem only Putsy would understand. I am known as the person who can write poems in our office now. I think I found a new calling.

A Prince in Disguise

by Jeannie Womack

We met on the race track in ’72

I couldn’t resist his eyes, so blue

We soon fell in love and started a life

In ’76 he made me his wife

A teacher, leader, rebel and yes

A son, brother, father, the best

Boss man, biker, hero and more

Loving, caring, cheerful, no bore

He meant what he said

He said what he meant

He made new friends

Everywhere he went

Scary to strangers

But never a danger

Children knew him best

With all he would jest

Dirt and street bikes

Shooting sports were his fun

Working on cars

With his daughter and son

He played and loved hard

Worked harder than most

His company had him flying

From coast to coast

He provided a safe haven

For many a girl and boy

A mentor through 4-H

Made learning a joy

To know him was to love him

He would look you in the eyes

And tell if you were lying

Because he was very wise

His friends called him Lumpy

He was Dada to some

An extraordinary man

That is why we all have come

Tot Ziens for now, my love

Until we meet again

We all were very lucky

To call John our friend

The Run

by Jeannie Womack

Running in the rain isn’t the pain

a non-runner might think it would be

I put on my jacket that has a hood,

lace up my shoes, and stretching is good

I open the door, expecting more

as the rain comes sprinkling down

My course is not planned yet,

I’ll try not to get my shoes wet

I start out running a ten-minute pace

as I feel the rain caressing my face

There’s that big house that has a mean dog

I don’t see him yet

He doesn’t like to get wet

That driver doesn’t see me

he’s gotten me all wet

I trip over my shoe lace,

fall flat on my face

My jacket’s no good,

I’m soaked from my feet to my hood

I’ve lost the key, oh woe is me

I can see my house now, I think I’ll walk

After all, I’ve already run 3/4 of a block

I crawl through the window,

get dry and warm

It feels good to get out of the storm

Well, another day has come,

I’ll check to see what kind of day it’ll be

I think it will rain, I don’t see the sun

But I don’t mind

Running in the rain is such fun