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My Cousin Kenny's Book

by bill - 2010-02-21 - ( culture / writing / books / health )

Scared to Life ... and Loving It!: One Man's Journey With Prostate Cancer (Paperback)

Books/publications by other family members

My Life - Lionel Joseph Holmes

by Lionel Holmes
This is Lionel Joseph Holmes's autobiography, illustrated with pictures taken over his life.

Portuguese Pioneers of the Sacramento Area

by Lionel Holmes and Joseph D'Allessandro
This book tells the tales of the Portuguese "Pioneers" of the Sacramento area. Many old pictures

For Control of Oz

by Steve Holmes
This novel might be "historical fiction" or "Faction" since it's created from facts (at least according to the Internet). It is a compilation of pretty much all current "conspiracy" ideas put in story form. There are 5 parts. It started with Ken who was unfamiliar with "conspiracies" being put into the world of them. He met a Daniel and the Daniel's sister, Margot, who were involved in a New World Order conspiracy. The story was how Ken jumped into the whole thing, how the New World Order came to be, how it affected the world, and how it was defeated.

A Pictorial American River Bike Trail Trip

by Steve Holmes
This is a pictorial trip on the American River (Jedediah Smith) bike trail from Old Sacramento, to Beals Point, and back to Old Sacramento

All Across America?

by Steve Holmes
This story is about a group of teenagers cycling across the USA, from east to west along the BikeCentennial bike trail. The leader of the group had the enthusiasm for the trip but lacked knowledge, so he got a friend to help with that. Along with them is are two couples who are friends, a younger teenager who thinks he's a real racer, and another young woman who brought along her young cousin.

The Big Race

by Steve Holmes
This is the story of a cyclist who likes to race in local races. Lots of the story takes place in Ventura, California.

Descendants of Wolves

by Steve Holmes
This is sort of a silly "conspiracy" story about wolves and dogs that talk

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