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Nashville Officials Hid Stats Showing Low Coronavirus Transmission In Bars & Restaurants, Emails Reveal

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Coronavirus transmission in bars and restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee was so low the mayors office opted to hide it from the public, recently-leaked emails show. The statistics throw ongoing shutdowns elsewhere into question. Read Full Article ... read more

Gov. Cuomo Wants 4,000-strong 'social Distancing' Enforcement Unit As NYC Restaurants Sue For $2 BILLION Over Indoor Dining Ban

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Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would only allow indoor dining to resume in New York City if the NYPD sets up a task force to enforce social distancing rules, as restaurants sue authorities for $2 billion, citing irreparable harm. Read Full ... read more

The PPP Is Letting Our Small Restaurants And Businesses Die

( life / health / food / restaurants )
via news.yahoo.com/column-ppp-letting-small-restaurants-120014102.htmlThe PPP was supposed to save our small restaurants and businesses. But where's the money? ... read more

Panera Favorites

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Insider favorites at Panera Bread. Via panera-bread-employee-favorites... read more

Ordering A Sandwich

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Man behind the counter: What kind of meat? Me: Tuna. Man: Ham? Me: If by ham you mean tuna, then yes. ... read more

Dinner And A Show

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After stopping at Tara's sister Stephanie's house in Smyrna to pick up a newly-refurbished Kindle Fire that Todd had put ... read more

Our First Ever Ethiopian Restaurant

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With Elizabeth taken for the night by her wonderful Auntie, Tara and I took the opportunity last night to use a Groupon and go to an Ethiopian restaurant, Mesob. It was our first time trying Ethiopian food.The appetizer, sambusa, was very good. When th... read more

Decent Breakfast Place?

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Calling all breakfast eaters: Does anyone know of a decent place for breakfast near Nashville's (BNA) airport? My sister is passing through town next weekend and wants to have breakfast with Elizabeth (everyone else is secondary). We have a short time frame ( or 3 hours) for breakfast be... read more

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