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'Kim Jong-un Is In Good Health': Trump Sows Confusion By Proclaiming North Korean Leader's Fitness, Says 'never Underestimate Hi

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US President Donald Trumps unexpected affirmation of Kim Jong-uns good health provoked an avalanche of both confusion and judgment. The remarks came in the wake of claims about the two leaders friendship in a new book. Read Full Article at ... read more

Prime Privacy Intrusion: Amazon Rolls Out BODY-SCANNING Fitness Tracker That Detects EMOTIONS In Voice

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Amazons new fitness tracker Halo takes technological intrusion to new levels, scanning the users body and tracking the emotions in their voice. Even mainstream media coverage says the techs privacy implications are troubling. Read ... read more

Exercising With Mask Induces A "Hypercapnic Hypoxia Environment"

( life / health / fitness )
via A recent study published in the Journal Medical Hypothesis titled 'Exercise with facemask; Are we handling a devil&#'s sword? - A physiological hypothesis'cla... read more

How To Exercise Without Moving Your Body

( life / health / fitness )
Good news! See... how-to-exercise-without-moving-your-body/ Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a magical world where we could simply imagine whatever we wanted to happen and poof it would appear? For thousands of year ... read more

How To Lose Hundreds Of Pounds

( life / health / fitness )
See every-breath-you-take. ... contrary to intuition, over 90% of lost weight leaves the body as carbon dioxide exhaled from the lungs, disappearing into thin air.... read more

Being Overweight Means You Live Longer

( life / health / fitness / research )
Why being 'overweight' means you live longer: The way scientists twist the facts I guess the only diet most of us need to be o ... read more

Virtual Gym Helps Weight Loss

( life / health / fitness )
Virtual gym 'helps weight loss' As my brother anonymous says, this one's for those too lazy to actually work out. :)... read more

Exercise Primally, Move, Lift, And Sprint!

( life / health / fitness )
via Action Item #4: Exercise Primally -- Move, Lift, and Sprint Moving frequently (at a slow pace) is the foundation of Primal fitness. It's what we are meant to do most often, and what we should b... read more

People Can Be Fat And Fit

( life / health / fitness / research )
People can be fat AND fitGood news! It shows that some fat people manage to remain 'metabolically healthy' even though their body mass index would suggest they ... read more

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