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Tyson Foods Employs COVID-19 "Tracking Algorithms" At Meatpacking Plants

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By Tyler Durden Tyson Foods has deployed infection-tracking algorithms and a surveillance testing program at its meatpacking facilities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, reportedWSJ. The Arkansas-based company is concerned about a second and third wave of ... read more

Massachusetts Man Plants Christmas Trees In Potholes

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A Massachusetts man fed up with local potholes decided to take matters into his own hands by planting tiny Christmas trees in the holes on a busy ... read more

Flu "vaccine" Derived From Genetically Modified TOBACCO Plants Sails Through Clinical Trials

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Flu "vaccine" derived from genetically modified TOBACCO plants sails through clinical trials ... read more

New Michigan Bill Could Make It Illegal For Companies To Demand Microchip Implants For Workers

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By Mayukh Saha Many employers across the globe are moving towards microchip technology to keep track of employees. They often forcefully microchip employees to track... New Michigan Bill Could Make It Illegal For Companies To Demand Microchip Implants for ... read more

EPA Sued For Weakening Standards For Power Plants That Dump Toxic Wastewater In Lakes And Rivers

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By B.N. Frank The EPA recently approved using radioactive waste in road construction. As if that wasnt scary enough, the agency is now being sued... EPA Sued for Weakening Standards for Power Plants That Dump Toxic Wastewater in Lakes and ... read more

Marijuana, Hemp, Cbd: What's Legal And Where

( life / health / food / plants )
For those "asking for a friend," see : As the legalized cannabis industry in the United States grows with nearly every election, consumers interested in these products have more and more options. But they might also have more questions, given the di... read more

Horsetail Herb Said To Remove Aluminum

( life / health / food / plants )
According to the "Health Ranger," anyway. The Health Ranger reveals why Horsetail herb, which grows as a weed, allows your body to eliminate toxic ALUMINUM, a heavy metal linked to Alzheimer's and dementia. (It's also found in popular deodorant products.)... read more

52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat

( life / health / food / plants )
You should NEVER eat unripe elderberries. An important comment, above. That caution aside, this is good to know if you're ever starving or just have the munchies while wandering through your back yard! :) via 52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat My Family Survival Plan.... read more

Bee-Friendly Plants? Think Again.

( life / health / environment / plants )
Good info. I wonder if Ace Hardware stores are any better? Probably need to buy my plants from the farmer's market.via Bee-friendly plants? Think again.... read more

Benefits Of Turmeric

( life / health / food / plants )
Turmeric's cardiovascular benefits foundJust an FYI, above. And now this, below: turmeric and black pepper together ... read more

This Year's Vegetable Garden

( life / health / food / plants )
My checklist for this year's vegetable garden: Soil tilled? Check! Top soil added? Check! Plants bought? Check! Seeds for plants not available for purchase? Check! Plants planted? Check! Now the watering ... and waiting begins! Oh, you're wondering what I planted? Lettuce room for cabb... read more

British Town Grows All Of Its Own Vegetables, Improved Civic Life

( life / health / food / plants )
British town grows all of its own vegetables, witnesses improved civic life and reduced crime as a result. When the small British mill town of Todmorden, tucked in between Yorkshire and Lancashire, first began installing fruit and vegetable gardens all around the area as part of the Incredible Edib ... read more

Pick Your Own Fruit And Vegetable Farms

( life / health / food / plants )
This could prove useful as food (and gas) prices soar this coming year: Where to Find Pick-Your-Own Fruit and Vegetable Farms / Orchards for Local, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Pumpkins, Along With Canning, Freezing & Preserving Instructions!See also: pickyourownfruitsandvegetables... read more

Saved A Blackberry Bush

( life / health / food / plants )
A couple of them, actually. I was going to post this to blackberryrescue.com, but there is no such site. Wait, maybe I should check. You never know. Guess what? There IS such a site, but it has to do with the ubiquitous electronic device. Anyway, on a couple of recent dog walks through the fields o... read more

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