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Pinko Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Stick Their Elitist Noses Into US Politics, Preach About 'Hate Speech' & The 'Most Important

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Now living in the US, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already started preaching to American voters, saying this presidential election is the most important in our lifetime and shaming people into voting. In the new video made for theTime100 list, ... read more

LA Health Director Accused Of 'playing Politics' After Saying Schools Won't Reopen 'until After The Election' In Leaked Audi

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LA Countys public health chief has come under fire after saying that local schools would not reopen until after the 2020 presidential election, prompting criticism that officials are putting politics ahead of science. Read Full Article at RT.com ... read more

Facebook Bans AMERICAN Accounts For Interfering In Foreign Politics -- A DC Lobby Group Helped Topple Govts In Bolivia & Venezuela

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When Facebook talks about busting foreign influence campaigns, Russia is usually painted as the villain. But the social media giant recently wiped out a host of pages interfering in Latin American politics from Washington, DC. Read Full Article ... read more

Help Stop Government Overreach

( education / news / politics )
This man and his organization are suing the governor of Tennessee for unconstitutional overreach in reaction (over-reaction) to this so-called &qu ... read more

The Metaphysics Of Politics & The Manipulation Of Human Consciousness

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Joe Martino, Dulce Ruby and I have decided to sit down once a week and have a conversation about various topics, sharing our thoughts and how each of us are feeling. In our latest episode we decided to talk about the metaphysics of politics and how it effects our ... read more

Two-Tiered Medicine: Why Is Hydroxychloroquine Being Censored And Politicized?

( education / news / politics )
via wakingtimes.com/2020/07/31/two-tiered-medicine-why-is-hydroxychloroquine-being-censored-and-politicized/Childrens Health Defense Team - Even with the mixed results for late use, some c... read more

How To Be A Tyrant

( education / research / politics )
How To Be a Successful Tyrant by Larken Rose Almost all oppression via propaganda is based upon scaring people, and then presenting a false choice where the people can chose either to do what you want them to do, or face some unknown (often purely fictional) horror. This is not the method of the common thug, which can be ... read more

Good News From Washington: AIPAC, Israel Losing To Progressive Democrats

( education / news / politics )
via mintpressnews.com/aipac-israel-losing-to-progressive-democrats/269500/The age of total dominance of Israel over the US Congress is likely over, and hopefully, this time, for good. Good News from Washington: AIPAC, Isra... read more

'Everyone Is Lying': Outrage After Trump Retweets TV Host Who Said There's A Covid-19 Conspiracy To Make Him Lose Election

( education / news / politics )
TV personality Chuck Woolery ignited uproar after claiming there was a conspiracy afoot to distort the impact of the Covid-19 "pandemic" in order to make Donald Trump lose Novembers election, a tweet the president then reposted. Read Ful... read more

Brand Suicide Or Savvy PR Move? CEO Of Hispanic Food Giant Goya Praises Trump, Inciting Twitter Riots

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via rt.com/usa/494322-goya-hispanic-food-trump-cancel/ After the CEO of Hispanic food megabrand Goya spoke at the White House, demands to cancel the popular brand on social media have arisen met by equally furious pushback from ... read more

Johnson Condemns Effort To 'edit History' By Removing Cecil Rhodes Statue, Likens It To Politicians 'sneakily' Editing Wikipedia

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via rt.com/uk/493579-johnson-rhodes-statue-edit-history/ British PM Boris Johnson says a statue of colonialist Cecil Rhodes shouldn't be taken down from Oxford University, as it would be an attempt to edit our history like a po... read more

Political Compass Test

( culture / writing / politics )
via politicalcompass.org Welcome! It's timely to stress that The Political Compass has been on the internet since 2001. The uniqueness of our take on politics is reflected in the gratifyingly enthusiastic reviews we've enjoyed in the national media of many count... read more

Vimeo Bans Documentary Exposing "Big Pharma's" Influence Within The World

( life / health / conspiracies / politics )
via collective-evolution.com/2020/04/20/vimeo-bans-documentary-exposing-big-pharmas-influence-within-the-world-health-organization/Special note to reader ... read more

Israel Lobby Con

( education / news / politics )
Looks like a worthy cause for the sake of world peace. via Israel Lobby Con... read more

Good Explanation Of The Annexation Of Crimea

( education / news / politics )
In response to us-issues-new-russia-sanctions-over-profiting-on-Crimean-resort. Reprinted without permission from whatreallyhappened.com... read more

Israel Lobby

( education / news / politics )
Watch the film the Israel Lobby didn't want you to see.... read more

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

( education / news / politics )
Just thought I'd put some click bait out there with the words Judge Brett Kavanaugh in it to see if it generates any hits. UPDATE: It didn't. :(... read more

Flipping Off Trump

( education / news / politics )
I'm working on an arrangement with my employer whereby I flip off Trump's motorcade, get photographed doing it, get fired for it, then have a go fund me campaign pay me $100K. Wish me luck! THIS JUST IN: ... read more

Remove Dog Fight Supporting Politician Steve King

( education / news / politics )
Remove dog-fight-supporting politician, Steve KingWhat a pinhead. King supports dog fighting because ... humans are allowed to fight, so dogs should be, too. The difference, obviously, is that humans can choose whether or not to fight, and dogs cannot. Also, many dog fights are to the death, or the lose... read more

Grim [false] Depiction Of Russian Life

( education / news / politics )
As a top propaganda outlet pushing the New Cold War, The New York Times paints life in Russia in the darkest hues, but this one-sided depiction misses the reality of the increasingly vibrant country that Gilbert Doctorow sees. via ... read more

Putin On Russian Culture

( education / news / politics )
Putin on Russian cultureLong article (transcript) of Putin speech from 2013.Too long to read now, so this is essentially a bookmark: russialist.org/transcript-putin-at-meetin... read more

The Whys Behind The Ukraine Crisis

( education / news / politics / conspiracies )
Further supporting the natural gas motive is the fact that it was Vice President Joe Biden who demanded that President Yanukovych pull back his police on Feb. 21, a move that opened the way for the neo-Nazi militias and the U.S.-backed coup. Then, just three months later, Ukraine's largest private gas firm, Burisma Holdings,... read more

Police Arrest Politician For Distributing Voting Rights Leaflets

( education / news / politics )
I asked the policeman for the ordinance number being violated, because they can't put handcuffs on you if they cannot tell you why they're detaining you. via ... read more

Let Us Vote Whether Money Is Speech

( education / news / politics )
... read more

Us Is An Oligarchy Not A Democracy Says Scientific Study

( education / news / politics )
US is an oligarchy not a democracy, says scientific studyUS is an oligarchy not a democracy, says scientific study Of course, astute observers have known this for years. Still, it's nice to see it officially recognized. Th... read more

SC State Senate Nullifies Hemp Ban

( education / news / politics )
Many hemp supporters feel that the DEA has been used as an attack dog of sorts to prevent competition with major industries where American-grown hemp products would create serious market competition: Cotton, Paper/Lumber, Oil, and others. via ... read more

Why I Am Burning My Last Bridge With Obama

( education / news / politics )
She pretty well sums it up! via Why I'm burning my last bridge with Obama. ... read more

The Architects Of Free Trade Really Did Want A World Gov't

( education / news / politics )
Observations on Credit and Surveillance -- NAFTA Origins, Part Two: The Architects of Free Trade Really Did Want a World Government of Corporations. It's amazing what you find in the Congressional Re ... read more

Putinstyle Politics Could Be What Saves Us

( education / news / politics )
Putin-style politics could be what saves USI used to think Putin was a thug/autocrat I should say I assumed he must be, but that's what it takes sometimes. That being said, he does seem to have Russia's (and his own) int ... read more

Icelanders Overthrow Government And Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud

( education / news / politics )
via guardianlv.com/2013/12/icelanders-overthrow-government-and-rewrite-constitution-after-banking-fraud-no-word-from-us-media Icelanders forced their entire government to ... read more

Chris Hedges Imploding The Myth Of Israel

( education / news / politics )
Chris Hedges: imploding the myth of Israelvia Chris Hedges: Imploding the Myth of Israel. ... a state whose real goal is, and always has been, the transfer, forced immigration or utter subjugation and impo... read more

Israel Threatens To Go It Alone Against Iran

( education / news / politics )
I hope they do. Maybe then we'll be rid of them once and for all. Israel has been screaming since 1985 that Iran is just months away from nuclear weapons. ... read more

Ruling Elite Destroying Our Economies

( education / news / politics )
... on purpose, is what he seems to be implying without saying so in so many words. ? Ruling Elite Destroying Our Economies - Robin Hahnel - YouTube. ... read more

Court To Feds Explain Marines Facebook Postings

( education / news / politics )
Court to feds: explain Marine's Facebook postings arrestvia Court to feds: Explain Marine's Facebook-postings arrest. Brandon Raub's case exposes the seedy underbelly of a governmental... read more

Feds Give Laid-off Boeing Workers A Helping Hand

( education / news / politics )
The Labor Department ruling also means that if laid-off Boeing workers need to travel, say to California, for a job interview, the government will reimburse 90 percent of the costs.via ... read more

Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double The Cash

( education / tech / politics )
... those 217 no voters received twice as much campaign financing from the defense and intelligence industry as the 205 yes voters. via Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash... read more

Wouldnt It Just Be Easier To Change Our Foreign Policy?

( education / news / politics )
Wouldn't it just be easier to change our foreign policy?via Wouldn't It Just Be Easier to Change Our Foreign Policy?. ... it would lessen the supposed need to spy on Americans, which is unacceptable under any circumstances, but can only ... read more

The Jobs Number Is B.s. Says Former Head Of BLS

( life / money / employment / politics )
The Jobs Number Is BS Says Former Head Of BLS. After every non-farm payroll report we provide our own breakdown of what the real unemployment rate is in a country in which the labor force participation rate has not been adjusted to no... read more

How To Know If Your Co-worker Is A Threat To National Security

( culture / humor / politics )
Essentially, pretend the Soviets won the Cold War and then conquered the United States -- that's how the government is operating. via How to know if your coworker is a threat to national security... read more

Conspiracy Theorists Sane Government Dupes Hostile

( education / news / politics )
Conspiracy theorists sane; government dupes hostileTold ya! :) via New studies: 'Conspiracy theorists' sane; government dupes crazy, hostile. In short, the new study by Wood and Dougla ... read more

Lies Lies Lies

( culture / music / politics )
Lyrics from a Frank Zappa song: You will obey me while I lead you And eat the garbage that I feed you Until the day that we don't need you Don't go for hel...no one will heed you Your mind is totally controlled It has been stuffed into my mold And you will do as you are told Until the rights to yo... read more

Has The US War On Terror Just Had Its Cronkite Moment?

( education / news / politics )
PRISM looks like that Cronkite moment: The moment when even the staunchest Obama supporter admits they've been taken for a ride. via rt.com/op-edge/war-terror-cronkite-moment-457... read more

Anger Builds In Illinois At Bain's Latest Outsourcing Plan

( education / news / politics )
Anger builds in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing plan'I'm sick to my stomach': anger builds in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing planThe Sensata plant in Freeport is pr... read more

Bitcoin Vs Big Government

( education / news / politics )
Nice! via Bitcoin vs. Big Government Interest in Bitcoin has surged along with its valuation. Last week saw its exchange rate soar past $100 for the first time ever, landing the virtual currency on the front pages of The Washington P... read more

The Psychology Of The Powerful

( education / news / politics )
Instead of analysing actions, checking through the consequences of those actions and chatting through the decisions made, leaders too often rely on impulsive decision-making - and this is when hubris can set in. via . This describes almost every decision-maker I've e ... read more

No Deal On Backs Of Elderly, Children, Sick And Poor

( education / news / politics )
We demand a budget that makes sure that the wealthiest Americans and most profitable corporations pay their fair share. via ... read more

Liberty Versus Security

( education / news / politics )
From zerohedge.com, I like this graphic showing this nation's descent into totalitarianism.From this article here ... read more

Bob Woodward Criticizes Obama

( education / news / politics )
If Bob Woodward Criticizes Obama, that's actually in Obama's favor in my opinion, though I'm not afan of either of them. businessinsider.com... read more

Chris Hedges Quote

( culture / quotes / politics )
We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy-- Chris HedgesDon't forget judges, CEOs and regulatory agencies!... read more

Major Food Companies Consider Lobbying For GMO Labeling

( life / health / food / politics )
Maybe there is hope for mankind, after all? Thanks to the boycotts, and more people refusing to remain ignorant? Whatever the reason, this looks promising. via Activist Post. ... there is talk of ... read more

Rolling Jubilee

( education / news / politics )
Rolling Jubilee. Great idea! A bailout of the people by the people Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. Together we can liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutu... read more

Free And Equal Fighting For A More Equal Election Process

( education / news / politics )
via Free & Equal - Fighting for a more equal election process. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization, we work to give all ballot-qualified local and presidential candidates the opportunity to debate important political issues in public forums. ... read more

People Are Not Really Awake Yet To The Two Party Dictatorship

( education / news / politics )
People are not really awake yet to the two-party dictatorshipvia Ralph Nader - People Are Not Really Awake Yet To The Two Party Dictatorship ... read more

Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign

( life / health / food / politics )
Activist Post: Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies. Corporate scum at their worst, or is this merely typical?Misuse of a United States government seal can lead to a $2... read more

Romney's Lax Regulation May Have Fueled Meningitis Outbreak

( education / news / politics )
via Romney's lax regulation may have fueled meningitis outbreak. The fatal meningitis epidemic sweeping the United States can now be traced to the failure of then-Gov. Mitt Romney to adequately regulate the Massach... read more

Obama/Romney: Same Police State

( education / news / politics )
via Obama, Romney same police state: Third party debate up-close (FULL VIDEO) ... read more

Here's Your Sign, Mr. Ryan

( education / news / politics )
I think Gov. Romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mentioned the Navy, for example. And that we have fewer ships that we had in 1916. Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where ... read more

Free And Equal Presidential Debate

( education / news / politics )
Free and Equal - Presidential Debate. These candidates might discuss ACTUAL issues, not corporate-sponsored issues.... read more


( culture / quotes / politics )
When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing more to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. ~ Plato... read more

Hacking Democracy On YouTube

( education / news / politics )
Hacking Democracy on YouTube. The disturbingly shocking HBO documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY bravely tangles with our nation's ills at the heart of democracy. The film the Diebold ...... read more

Time To Include Third Party

( education / news / politics )
Time To Include 3rd PartyCNN Poll: 47% Chose Neither After 2012 Presidential Debate! Time To Include 3rd Party Ya think? ... read more

This Guy Is A Joke

( education / news / politics )
Here is a timeline of dire warnings since 1979For more than quarter of a century Western officials have claimed repeatedly that Iran is close to joining the n ... read more

Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks

( education / news / politics )
via Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks. Further proof of Romney's stupidity.I'm grateful to Romney for formulating his stance so clearly because he has once again proven the correctness of our approach to missile ... read more

It's Official, Romney Is Clueless

( education / news / politics )
via Crooks and Liars ROMNEY: ... no one can say my plan is going to raise taxes on middle-income people, because principle number one is keep the burden down on middle-income taxpayers. STEPHANOPOULOS: Is $100,000 middle income? ROMNEY: No, middle income is $200,000 ... read more

Mitt Romney, Monsanto Man

( education / news / politics )
Introduced in the Bain years with Bain boosting, Roundup's supposedly biodegradable and nontoxic claims have led to false advertising findings in France and by the Attorney General of New York. Studies are also now beginning to link Roundup to cancer and birth defects, the first indication that it may be going the way of Lasso, another ... read more

Greed And Debt The True Story Of Mitt Romney And

( education / news / politics )
Greed and debt, the true story of Mitt Romney and Bain CapitalIn light of Mitt Romney's resurfacing, a reminder: If you don't read it, it explains vulture capitalism and how Romney is the poster child for that. Basically, Romney borrowed millions (with little of his own money) from others to buy sick companies, such a... read more

The Bain Legacy

( education / news / politics )
... the GOP presidential hopeful was a key architect of what has become known as the Bain model. And as president, it can be expected that he would govern the country using the values that governed Bain Capital. see The Bain Legacy for the entire story ... read more

The Two Party System Summed Up Nicely

( education / news / politics )
posted without permission, but we hope they don't mind... read more

34 Lawmakers Including Speaker Boehner Got Inside Information

( education / news / politics )
34 lawmakers -- including Speaker Boehner -- got inside information during the 2008 financial crisis and immediately changed their investments34 lawmakers -- including Speaker of the House John Boehner - ... read more

Lawmakers Got Inside Information During (2008) Financial Crisis

( education / news / politics )
34 lawmakers -- including Speaker of the House John Boehner -- got inside information during the 2008 financial crisis -- and immediately changed their investment portfolios -- 12160. ... read more

Roseanne Barr: Two Major Parties Are Prostitutes For Big Money

( education / news / politics )
via Roseanne Barr on Presidential Run: Two Major Parties Are a Bunch of Prostitutes Who Work for Big Money RB:... read more

Mitt Romney Is Goldman Sachs

( education / news / politics )
To call Mitt Romney a Goldman Boy is an understatement. via Paul Drockton. Mitt Romney IS Goldman SachsGoldman Sachs is quite the player in politics. In fact, it would be fair to say that Goldman and politics are joined at the hip.... read more

Part 1 | Hungry For Change

( culture / movies-tv / politics )
This inspiring film has the power to transform your health! -- Anthony Robbins, World Renowned Peak Performance Expert.via Hungry For Change -- Part 1.... read more

Part 1 Hungry For Change 2

( education / news / politics )
Part 1, HUNGRY FOR CHANGEThis inspiring film has the power to transform your health! - Anthony Robbins, World Renowned Peak Performance Expert. via Hungry For Change - Part 1 HUNGRY FOR CHANGE.... read more

What If Democracy Is Bunk?

( education / news / politics )
via The Daily Bell - What If Democracy Is Bunk? What if you are only allowed to vote because it doesn't make a difference? What if no matter how you vote, the elites get to have it their way? What if one person, ... read more

All I Wanted To Do Was Vote

( education / news / politics )
Indiana OfficialWorried About Voter Fraud Is Convicted of Voter Fraud Irony Still Not Dead Dept: Indiana's ousted top elections official, former GOP Secretary of State Charlie White has been convicted of six felony counts of voter fraud - an ... read more

Judge Napolitano, How To Get Fired From Fox Business In Under 5 Mins

( education / news / politics )
Judge Napolitano: how to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 minsJudge Napolitano -- How to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 mins. ... read more

Result Not Even Close To The Actual Vote

( education / news / politics )
See RP Supporter Chairman of Belfast Maine Caucus Calls State GOP to Confirm Vote Tally, result not even close to the actual vote! ... read more

Voters Idea Replace Congress

( education / news / politics )
Voters' idea: replace CongressVoters' Idea: Replace Congress -- Washington Wire -- WSJ.&quo ... read more

Newt Gingrich Promises Palin A Presidential Appointment

( education / news / politics )
via Newt Gingrich Promises Palin a Presidential Appointment and Commits a Felony. And Gingrich thinks he's the intellectual one among his competition... ... read more

Govtrack Search Legislation In Congress

( education / news / politics )
GovTrack: Search Legislation in CongressHere's Lieberman's trail of slime, for example: GovTrack: Search Legislation in Congress ... read more

Who Are The Idiots Voting For Mitt Romney Youtub

( education / news / politics )

Ron Paul 2 In Nh Democratic Primary Democra

( education / news / politics )
Ron Paul 2 in NH ... Democratic Primary! Democrats for Ron PaulEverybody already knows that Ron Paul placed second in the New Hampshire 2012 Republican Presidental Primary. But, at 7 o'clock tonight, the New Hampshire Secretary of State published the full results of the primary, including write-ins, and Ron Paul also won ... read more

Trap Doors In New Hampshire Elections

( education / news / politics )
SIX TRAP DOORS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE ELECTION PROCESS 1. Removed safeguards for its same-day registration system. 2. Ignores the law on ballot-stuffing safeguards 3. Breaks the chain of custody 4. Conceals vote-counting from the public, in violation of Article 32 of its own Constitution 5. Removed candidate recount rights 2 ... read more

Gingrich Tried To Prevent Pauls 96 Return To Con

( education / news / politics )
Gingrich tried to prevent Paul's '96 return to CongressNewt Gingrich tried to prevent Ron Paul's 1996 return to Congress ... read more

Congress Is Apparently Repealing The Constitution

( education / news / politics )
Paul Craig Roberts: Congress is Repealing the Constitution : Information Clearing House.There is a bill in the Senate that is attempting to keep torture alive as an interrogation technique. The National Defense Authorization Act is being debat ... read more

Down The Path Of Increasingly Repressive Measures

( education / news / politics )
Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. --Harry S. Truman ... read more

Link Between Earthquakes And Hydraulic Fracturing

( education / news / politics / environment )
... injecting water into deep rock formations causes earthquakes ...via U.S. Government Confirms Link Between earthquakes and fracking... read more

How The Us Government Secretly Reads Your Email

( education / news / politics )
via How the US Government Secretly Reads Your Email Somewhere, a US government official is reading through a list of those who sent or received an email from Jacob Appelbaum, a 28-year-old computer science researcher at the University of Washington who v... read more

Times Sues Government For Refusing To Reveal Its Interpretation Of Patriot Act

( education / news / politics )
What sort of democracy are we living in when the government can refuse to even say how it's interpreting its own law? That's not democracy at all. We've been covering for a while now how Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall have been very concerned over the secret interpretation the feds have of one piece of the PA... read more

Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

( education / news / politics )
Copied from Liberty Underground: Thirteen doctors and nurses who treated anti-government protesters during demonstrations in Bahrain earlier this year have been jailed for 15 years for crimes against the state. Seven other medical professionals were given sentence... read more

Is This The Sanest Man Running For President

( education / news / politics )
?Gary Johnson, Republican Presidential Candidate: Politics: GQ.If you'r ... read more

Brzezinski Opens Up

( education / news / politics )
veteranstoday.com/2011/09/19/brzezinski-opens-up-the-last-american-cowboy/ He goes two steps further, taking America's political loonies as he calls them to the woodshed and, avoiding the term class war, s ... read more

Congress Made Massive Profits Allowing Wall Street

( education / news / politics )
To Rob Main StreetGovernment Gone Wild! To Rob Main Street. ... read more

Great Anti-Obama, Anti-stupidity Article

( education / news / politics )
Like I've been saying for years, this author agrees. Lesser evil voting has been one of the primary causes of the decline of American democracy ... glo ... read more

Why Borrow When You Can Print Your Own Money?

( life / money / politics )
Why borrow when you can print your own money?Why is the US Government borrowing money at interest from a private bank (the Fed) when Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution allows the US Government to create its own money, interest-free? ... read more

Leaderless Resistance

( education / news / politics )
via Leaderless Resistance -- Nationalist Coalition Blog. ... there will, no doubt, be mentally handicapped people out there who, while standing at a podium with an American flag draped in the background, and a lone eagle soaring in the sky above, will state emphatically in their best sounding r ... read more

Top 10 Corrupt Politicians Of (2010)

( education / news / politics )
via Top 10 Corrupt Politicians of 2010 Economy Watch. Judicial Watch released its 2010 list of Washington's Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians. While there may be some surprises, readers will note that ...... read more

Mitt Romney And Citizens United

( education / news / politics )
Savor the irony that the same legislators who demand photo I.D.s from private citizens are giving corporations a free pass to conceal their own identities, and contributions to political campaigns. via Mitt Romney and 'Citizens United' I... read more

Exxon Makes $305 Billion So Gop Votes To Give Th

( education / news / politics )
Exxon Makes $30.5 Billion, So GOP Votes To Give Them Tax Breaks Exxon Makes $30.5 Billion, So GOP Votes Unanimously To Give Them Tax Breaks Pissed off yet? ... read more

Bernie Sanders Is One Of A Handful Of Decent Senat

( education / news / politics )
orsHe's asking Obama to enforce existing laws and punish the out of control oil speculators who are ruining the economic recovery with these outrageous and unwarranted high gas prices! ... read more

US Officials Pushed Products Deemed Unsafe By China

( education / news / politics )
U.S. officials pushed products deemed unsafe by ChinaWhen it comes to protecting consumers, American politicians in China don't always practice what they preach, unpublished U.S. diplomatic cables ... read more

Crowd Descends On Ohio Statehouse To Protest

( education / news / politics )
changes to collective bargaining ... read more

Homeland Security Claims The Right To Take Your Valuables

( education / news / politics )
via dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52464-do-not-use-safety-deposit-boxes/#ixzz1CWy8y1SC According to in-house memos now circulating, the DHS has issued orders to banks across America which announc... read more

TSA Persecutes Critics, Ignores Security Threats

( life / travel / politics )
via judicialwatch.org While the Department of Homeland Security investigates a commercial airline pilot for exposing security flaws at a major U.S. airport, it fails to protect America against terrorism by not ... read more

Feds Blow Off Recovering $643 Mil In Fraudulent Payments

( education / news / politics )
via judicialwatch.org As if it weren't enraging enough that the U.S. government made $125 billion in faulty payments last year, a new report says the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has f... read more

Feds Take Over School Bake Sales

( education / news / politics )
The far-reaching tentacles of the bloated U.S. government will control a cherished public school fundraiserthe bake saleunder Michelle Obamas precious new law to combat childhood obesity. Signed this week by her husband, the $4.5 billion measure (The Healthy, Hunge... read more

Gov Kills Immigration Laws In Name Of Economic Gr

( education / news / politics )
Rhode Island's new governor has killed crucial measures to crack down on illegal immigration for the sake of statewide economic growth and prosperity in immigrant-rich areas. Just a few days on the job, Democrat Lincoln Chafee wasted no time issuing executive orders to accommodate illegal aliens, assuring that ... read more

New House Watchdog Lets Obama Slide On Criminal Event

( education / news / politics )
via judicialwatch.org/blog/2011/01/new-house-watchdog-lets-obama-slide-on-%e2%80%9ccriminal-event%e2%80%9d/ During a public relations campaign touting upcoming probes of the O... read more

Dems Pull Fast One With Food Safety Bill

( life / health / food / politics )
via newswithviews.com/NWV-News/news233.htm It didn't take long for Democrats in the House to figure a way around the constitutional roadblock that halted the advance of S. 510: The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, following its approval by the S... read more

TSA Sexual Assault

( life / travel / politics )
TSA - Sexual Assault If I do have to fly, I'll try and make all connections through New Jersey! See the next link: ... read more

Voting For A Resident Of The Secretive C Street House?

( education / news / politics )
By Jeff Sharlet, The Huffington PostOctober 26, 2010America's oldest and most influential Christian conservative political group doesn't publish voter guides or buy ad time or even make endorsements. For the Family, it's all about the relationships, the kind forged beyond the din of the vox populi, as the grou ... read more

In New Orleans Debate Sen Vitter Admits To Serious Sins

( education / news / politics )
In new Orleans debate, Sen. Vitter admits to serious sinsvia thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/senate-races/126193-sen-vitter-admits-to-serious-sins-in-new-orleans-debate ... read more

Election Guide For Election Haters

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freepress.org/departments/display/19/2010/3975 ... read more

Never Re-elect Anyone

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Fresh start! Reboot! Recycle! Whatever you want to call it. Sure, the 5% who are good will have to find a real job for 2-6 years, but they can run again next time. It'll keep them from screwing up the economy because they know they will soon be back in it. It's the best way to stop the corruption, also known as cronyism. ... read more

Blue Dog Democrats

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The nickname is an insult to dogs.Vote out anyone of these people who voted for doctors while at the same time voting against the unemployed. Washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/06/01/AR201006... read more

Carl Levin Warmonger

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Carl Levin, warmongerTime to go, Carl.Read here: afterdowningstreet.org/node/53604 Who is he trying to impress glaring down his long nose over those granny glasses, anyway?... read more

Help Randy Credico Oust Chuck Schumer

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RandyCredico2010.org. Here's fairly recent evidence of Schumer's lack of character/humanity: randycredico2010.org/?p535 ... read more

Genetically-engineered Food Right To Know Act

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Ask Your Congresspersons to Cosponsor HR 5577, Representative Kucinich's Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act 10. Almost all non-organic processed food or animal products in the U.S. today contain ingredients that come from genetically engineered crops or from animals given genetically engineered feed, vaccines or gr... read more

Time For Brad Sherman To Go

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This pinhead is calling the unarmed victims of Israeli aggression terrorists?Vote him out! examiner.com/x-10438-Human-Rights-Examiner~y2010m6d1... read more

Time For James Sensenbrenner To Go

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breakthematrix.com/latest/gop-lawmaker-with-bp-stock-has-role-in-spill-probe/ ... read more

Time For John Boehner To Go

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Funny how these conservatives want less government, but only when it's convenient for their corporate masters.Here's the article: tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/06/boe ... read more

Who Voted To Go Easy On The Oil Industry

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?This law set the foundation for the carelessness that caused the BP oil disaster: breakthematrix.com/latest/who-voted-to-limit-the-liability-of-oil-companies/ ... read more

Vote Out Anyone Who Still Supports Israel

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The last straw was when they killed innocent peace activists on the Gaza flotilla.Anyone, such as that retard Joe What's the big deal? Biden, who still supports them has lost all touch with humanity and really needs to go ... to hell.... read more

Obama's Sell Out

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A Bill Moyers show from a few months ago, but still worth watching. pbs.org/moyers/journal/12182009/watch.html... read more

Leaked Reports Declare Obama's Unwritten Novel Wins

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There's always room for satire here: sott.net/articles/show/208593-Satire-Leaked-Reports-Declare-Obama-s-Unwritten-Novel-Wins-the-Lost-Man-Booker-Prize... read more

Waxman Sneaks Anti Vitamin Amendment Into Wall Street Reform Bill

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Waxman represents L.A. on the west side up to Santa Monica. I bet those people take LOTS of supplements. via naturalnews.com/028687HenryWaxmanhealthfreedom.html Of all the sneaky tactics practiced in Washington D.C., this rece ... read more


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Politics-related posts ... read more

California's Energy Crisis

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From: Steve Subject: energy crisis Date: Friday, May 11, 2001 9:13 AM Dear Mark Williams (KFBK talk show host, for those others getting this message) You mentioned the $2,000 price of energy the other day, not paid to the power generators, but to the middlemen. From what I understand, (and please ... read more

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