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Space Weather: Solar Storm Forecasting System Developed By 'citizen-scientists'

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Physicists from Reading enlisted help to analyse so-called 'coronal mass ejections' (CMEs) - powerful expulsions of charged particles and magnetic field from the ... read more

Fresh Photos Of Jupiter Near Its Closest Approach To Earth Reveal NEW STORM On Solar System's Largest Planet

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As Jupiter approaches Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope was able to snap new high-resolution photos of the solar systems largest planet, revealing a brand new storm in its northern latitudes and a spinoff of the Great Red Spot. Read Full Article ... read more

RMS Titanic: Solar Flare May Have Contributed To Sinking, Says Study

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According to a US-based meteorologist, the liner's last night was illuminated by theaurora borealis - the light show caused by the interaction with the atmosphere of charged particles from the ... read more

Diamond Worlds 'unlike Anything In Our Solar System' Are Entirely Possible. We Just Haven't Found Them Yet

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As an extra incentive to get humanitys colonization capabilities up to scratch, researchers have revealed that not only are worlds made mostly of diamonds possible, they are in fact quite probable (not to mention profitable). Read Full Article at ... read more

Iron On The Moon Is RUSTING Due To Oxygen Blown In On Solar Winds From Earth

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The oxidised iron mineral hematite - a form of rusted iron - was discovered at high latitudes on the Moon by planetary scientists from the University of ... read more

These New Solar-Pavement Driveways Made Of Plastic Bottles Can Power The Average Household

( education / research / tech / solar )
via goodnewsnetwork.org/solar-driveways-made-from-pet-can-power-average-household/See These New S ... read more

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