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"Pandemic" Info

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https://www.standupx.info/resources... read more

Bangladeshis Particularly Susceptible To Covid

( life / health / covid )
63% of Bangladeshis -- the highest of any group studied, by far -- carry a series of genetic variants which lead to serious risk of respiratory failure when infected with Covid-19. And theyve inherited these from the Neanderthals. ... read more

Cloth Masks Don't Help

( life / health / covid / )
The only masks that MIGHT help against Covid are N-95, but almost no one wears those. The masks that most people wear (and the only type mandated) only protect you from disapproving stares. Cases are only an indicator of people testing positive which means they most likely have nothing more than the common cold or flu, and so have coronavirus... read more

Vancouver Council Votes Against Mandatory Mask Mandate: They're Not Required

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The city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada will not mandate masks inside city buildings and will “strongly encourage” people to wear them instead. This is a bold move as many cities across the globe have mandatory mask measures in ... read more

Lockdowns Will Cause 10 Times More Harm To Human Health Than COVID-19 Itself, Says Infectious Disease Expert

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The harm caused by lockdowns is much worse than the disease of COVID-19. That's the argument from numerous public health officials and economists around the world, including an Alberta expert in infectious disease and critical care, Dr. Ari Joffe of the Stollery ... read more

As Gov't Puts Kids In Bubbles, Study Suggests Playing In The Dirt Boosts Immune Systems

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Matt Agorist - As more states and countries attempt to send children back to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen some utterly horrifying ... read more

More Praise For South Dakota For Not Panicking

( life / health / covid / )
We're managing COVID-19 but also our economy is thriving. I think people are really recognizing that leadership has consequences. And what we're doing in South Dakota is Republican leadership.... read more

UK Telegraph Editor: "I'm Almost Starting To Think This Whole Pandemic Really Is A Conspiracy"

( life / health / conspiracies / )
I've been suspicious from the start. Back in March, when this novel virus first swept in from the East and countries across Europe started bolting their doors even before cases mounted, I remember saying to people, 'Blimey, what aren't they telling us yet?' It ... read more

It's All A Scam

( life / health / politics / )
Dr Thomas Cowan: 'The shocking thing is that using their own methods, the virologists found that solutions containing SARS-CoV-2 — even in high amounts — were NOT, I repeat NOT, infective to any of the three human tissue cultures they tested. In plain English, this means they proved, on their terms, that this new coronavirus is ... read more

WHO Estimates 35 Million Infected With COVID, Putting Infection Fatality Rate At 0.14%

( life / health / covid / )
What Happened:Dr Michael Ryan, a former trauma surgeon and epidemiologist who is now the executive director of the World Health Organization&#'s (WHO) Health Emergencies Programme recently revealed that the WHO believes approximately 10 percent of the world&#'s ... read more

'A Shining Light': The Care Farms Supporting People With Mental Health Challenges

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From children at risk of exclusion to adults with dementia, people are mucking in on care farms as a form of therapy A shining light: the care farms supporting people with mental health challengesPositive ... read more

Covid: The Virus That Isn't There: The Root Fraud Exposed

( life / health / covid / )
This is a follow-up to yesterdays article, in which I exposed the fact that the CDC does not have the COVID coronavirus in its possession, because it is unavailable. Their word, not mine. The CDC is admitting the virus hasnt been isolated. In other... read more

Where Is The Coronavirus? The CDC Says It Isn't Available

( life / health / covid / )
The CDC document is titled,CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.It is dated July 13, 2020. Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, Performance Characteristics, we have this: Since no ... read more

'Lockdown Is More Harmful Than COVID' — Stanford Professor Of Medicine

( life / health / covid / )
What Happened:Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University recently gave an interview explaining why he believes lockdown measures are more harmful than COVID-19. At the beginning of the pandemic, Bhattacharya along withDr. Eran... read more

Some Actual Numbers

( life / health / covid )
There is no "pandemic." Here are some numbers in Texas: As of September 19th we have had 16,025 deaths reported as Covid. In 2019 there were 189,166 total deaths from all causes so if you take the weeks, we are 73% through the year on September 19th. In turn this would equate to 138,091 deaths. As of September 19th we have had 128,17 ... read more

6 Hacks For Leading A Healthier Life

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6 Hacks for Leading a Healthier Life ... read more

Keep Your Dog In Top Health With These 3 Tips

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Keep Your Dog in Top Health with These 3 Tips ... read more

"Don't Be Afraid Of Covid, Don't Let It Dominate Your Life"

( life / health / covid / )
After leaving the hospital, President Donald Trump said, "Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life"... read more

Just Know That So-called Authorities Routinely Lie To Us

( life / health / politics / )
So, don't do ANYTHING based solely on their word. DIStrust and verify. So-called authorities routinely lie to us, especially when there is a power or profit motive. They have lost all credibility in the eyes of those who think for themselves. The plan was for the profits to go to the pharmaceutical companies (with bribes in turn handed ou ... read more

Always Read Articles From The Bottom Up

( life / health / politics / )
You should always read politically-sensitive articles from the bottom, up. That way you start with the most salient facts (usually downplayed and put at the bottom). Take the headline (often misleading) with a grain of salt since that is the conclusion they want you to reach, as well as the pictures of coffins (or whatever scare ta ... read more

HCQ Scrips Here

( life / health / politics / )
If you want a scrip for hydroxychloroquine, you can get one here through Jerome Corsi's website: speakwithanmd.com Just chanced on an over the air TV show by Steve Bannon called War Room Pandemic, but also available here: ... read more

Sheriffs, Police Officers, Pastors, And Attorneys Are Fighting Covid Orders

( life / health / covid / )
via sheriffs-police-officers-pastors-and-attorneys-are-fighting-covid-orders/ Senator Amanda Chase said she was the only Virginia state legislator to not comply wit ... read more

The Worst "Miscalculation" In Human History?

( life / health / politics / )
https://www.corbettreport.com/the-worst-miscalculation-in-human-history/?utmsourcefeedburner&utmmediumfeed&utmcampaignFeed%3ACorbettReportRSS%28TheCorbettReport%29 ... read more

Almost All COVID Cases Are False Positives

( life / health / covid )
Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says that half or even almost all of tests for COVID are false positives. Dr. Yeadon also argues that the threshold for herd immunity may be much lower than previously thought, and may have been reached in many countries already. ... read more

Common Cold And Flu Give "positive" Coronavirus Test Result

( life / health / covid / )
via pcr test is totally unreliable ...most people with COVID-19 are showing nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms ... read more

The Covid-19 Numbers Game

( life / health / covid / )
via the second wave based on fake statistics/5725003 Corruption prevails at the highest levels of government as well within the upper echelons of the United Nations system. The entire ... read more

New Study Confirms Watching Cute Animal Videos Is Good For Your Health

( education / news / rss / )
New Study Confirms Watching Cute Animal Videos Is Good For Your Health ... read more

Orca That Carried Her Dead Calf For 2 Weeks Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby

( education / news / rss / )
Orca That Carried Her Dead Calf For 2 Weeks Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby ... read more

We Cannot Trust "experts" Anymore

( life / health / politics / )
It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. -... read more

There Is No Coronavirus Pandemic, So How About A Dose Of Reality?

( life / health / covid / )
There Is No Coronavirus Pandemic, So How About a Dose of Reality? ... read more

Can The Government Force Us To Eat Broccoli?

( life / health / politics / )
Can the Government Force Us To Eat Broccoli?... read more

Australian Mask Crackdown Mad, Health Experts Warn

( education / news / rss / )
Australian mask crackdown mad, health experts warn ... read more

Health Lockdown Or Student Incarceration? Glasgow Uni Feels Like A Prison

( education / news / rss )
Police patrol our halls of residence. We've been banned from pubs. Even Christmas could be cancelled. I'll confess, I think I almost enjoyed lockdown at first: I could cycle to work without the roar of cars all around me, and I enjoyed the novelty of being able ... read more

More Good News About Masks

( life / health / covid )
via activistpost.com The group alleges wearing masks is causing healthy people to become sick while trying to prevent the spread of a disease that is not a deadly threat to... read more

Now Priests Are Coming Out Against Covid Scam

( life / health / covid )
https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/disease/now-priests-are-starting-to-come-out-against-covid-scam/... read more

How The Government Uses Fear To Control And Manipulate

( life / health / politics )
August 28, 2020, the Children&#'s Health Defense, led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., launched a European branch of the organization. In a press conference1announcing the new branch, Kennedy discussed how governments are using fear to control and manipulate the... ... read more

How EMFs Disturb Your Immune System

( education / health )
GreenMedInfo Research Group - Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that surround you 24/7 could be interfering with your immune system... read more

4 Hidden Toxins That Can Silently Destroy Your Health

( education / news / rss )
September 24th, 2020 By Nick Polizzi As a father of two small children, there is a part of me thats always on the lookout for any danger or unthought-of detail that might hinder them. I know Im not alone. Its the loving ... read more

California Under Quarantine

( life / health / covid / humor )
Hilariously sad. See What It's Like Living in California Now... read more

Governments Will Impose New Lockdowns If They Think They Can Get Away With It

( life / health / politics )
This years stay-at-home orders and lockdowns imposed by governments on their populations represent a watershed moment in the history of the modern state. Before March 2020, it is unlikely that many politicianslet alone many ordinary peoplethought it ... read more

California County Votes To End Covid State Of Emergency

( life / health / covid )
via California county votes to end covid state of emergency Our case numbers are so low, it doesn't warrant a shutdown, said Placer County Board chairwoman. Placer county, located in the Sacrame ... read more

Hurray For South Dakota!

( life / health / covid )
Only one state has stayed strong and not fallen for the Covid propaganda: South Dakota. So, that's where you (and maybe I) need to move to! Too bad the winters suck. Kansas looks promising, too (90/105 counties have opted out) but I never liked Kansas. via masks4all ... read more

Aussie Lawyer Suing Her Government

( life / health / covid )
via https://gumshoenews.com/2020/09/10/serena-teffafas-class-action-suit-against-the-covid-nonsense/ Serene Teffafa's Class Action Suit Against the Covid Nonsense - Gumshoe News - by Mary W Maxwell, LLB Every effort counts. Any step you can take against the great fraudemic really helps. Here's an email I just received fr ... read more

Spaniards Standing Up Against Tyranny

( life / health / politics )
This is great! Regular people standing up for common sense and decency against brain-dead enforcement of unnecessary rules. via summit.news ... read more

Covid Diagnostic Test: Worst Test Ever Devised?

( life / health / covid )
The need for the COVID test is being hyped to the skies. More tests automatically create more case numbers. This allows heads of state and national governments to whipsaw the public: We were re-opening the economy, but now, with the escalating case numbers, ... read more

Conservation: At Least 28 Bird And Mammal Species Have Been Saved From Extinction Since 1993

( life / health / environment )
Researchers from the UK analysed some of the world's most threatened species and predicted how many would have gone extinct were it not for conservation ... read more

Overblown Health Threats

( life / health / covid )
This push to cure and/or prevent a fake health threat (covid-19 is not a threat to most people) reminds me of the HPV vaccine that EVERY doctor has pushed to have our daughter inoculated against. If you don't know, human papillomavirus virus (HPV) has a miniscule chance of occurring, a miniscule chance of causing any problems if it does occ... read more

The COVID CONtradiction: Why Only 6% Are Covid Deaths

( life / health / covid )
via https://www.natureofhealing.org/the-covid-contradiction-why-only-6-are-covid-deaths/How do you know when you are being conned, misled, duped? When you find contradictions and inconsistencies in the story line. In order to find c ... read more

Help Stop Government Overreach

( life / health / covid )
This man and his organization are suing the governor of Tennessee for unconstitutional overreach in reaction (over-reaction) to this so-called &qu ... read more

Just 3.7% Infected By "close Contact" With Those Already Infected

( life / health / covid )
And most of those 3.7 percent don't feel particularly sick, definitely won't die, and neither will you! Among 3,410 close contacts, 3.7% were secondarily infected. Of those, 16.8% were mild, 73.1% moderate, 10.1% severe or critical. via acpjournals.org. Em ... read more

MLB Stadium Cameras Will Detect Fans Not Wearing Masks

( life / health / covid )
Disgusting and stupid. You don't need to wear a mask if you're keeping your distance, especially outside. via cameras-stadiums-detect-fans-not-wearing-masks Several ML ... read more

Organic Diets Drastically Lower Glyphosate Levels In Body

( life / health / food )
via https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/08/13/groundbreaking-study-shows-organic-diets-drastically-lower-glyphosate-levels-in-the-body/Krissy Waite -We all have the right to food that is free... read more

This So-called "pandemic" Is Not Even An Epidemic

( life / health / covid )
One third of one percent does not constitute an epidemic, let alone a "pandemic". Semantics, I know, but can they not even get the language right? 330,102,000 population (see census.gov) 2,800,000 cases 130,000 related deaths (which means they ... read more

How Bad Is COVID, Really? (A Swedish Doctor's Perspective)

( life / health / covid )
via https://www.sott.net/article/439510-How-bad-is-covid-really-A-Swedish-doctors-perspective OK, I want to preface this article by stating that it is entirely anecdotal and based on my experience working as a doctor ... read more

It's Not About "our Health," It's About Control

( life / health / politics )
See life / health / conspiracies. Call me a conspiracy theorist. Go ahead, I dare ya. You know you want to. :)click here for related articles. ... read more

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

( life / health / food )
via the-spice-that-prevents-fluoride-from-destroying-your-brain Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more... read more

Ex-NYT Reporter Publishes New Anti-lockdown Book, Calls Out '90% Of Media' On Parroting Same Lines On Covid Responses

( life / health / covid )
from Ex-NYT-reporter-publishes-new-anti-lockdown-book-calls-out-90-of-media-on-parroting-same-lines-on-Covid-responses Alex Berenson's latest chapter in a se... read more

Russia Has Created World's 1st Covid-19 Vaccine, Will Be Registered Next Week -- Health Ministry

( life / health / covid )
Moscows Gamelei Center will register the worlds first coronavirus vaccine on August 12, Russias deputy health minister has revealed. Oleg Gridnev says medical workers and the elderly will be given priority for immunization. Read Full ... read more

England To Revise DOWN Its Covid-19 Death Toll By Up To 10 Percent After Bizarre 'counting Mishap

( life / health / covid )
Up to 10 percent of Englands coronavirus death toll could be wiped out due to reporting errors in which Covid-19 deaths on the official register were logged months after positive tests regardless of the circumstances. Read Full Article atclick here ... read more

Forestry Technique To Avoid Cutting Down Trees

( life / health / environment / trees )
See themindunleashed.com Japan's Ancient Forestry Technique Produces High-Grade Lumber With No Need to Chop Down Trees. The daisu... read more

There Is NO LAW Requiring Face Masks

( life / health / covid )
via conservativetruth.org See also Gavin Newsome admitting as much Firstly, neither the statute on which the governor relies nor any... read more

Covid Panic Debunked

( life / health / covid )
A cytokine storm is caused by coronavirus, but only for people who ... read more

US Gov & Yale Hold Clinical Trials To Test "Persuasive Messages For COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

( life / health / covid )
What Happened: The US Federal government in collaboration withYale University held clinical trials to determine what the best messaging would be to persuade Americans to take the COVID-19 vaccine when it is ready. The news of this study does show an interest in ... read more

Big Pharma Giants GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Receive $2.1 Billion To Develop COVID Vaccine

( life / health / covid )
Operation Warp Speed is handing out cash at record velocity and this time, the two largest vaccine companies in the world are benefiting. Big Pharma Giants GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Receive $2.1 Billion to Develop COVID Vaccine appeared first on MintPress ... read more

The Science And Law Of Refusing To Wear Masks: Texts And Arguments In Support Of Your Civil Rights

( life / health / covid )
via https://www.sott.net/article/439219-The-science-and-law-of-refusing-to-wear-masks-Texts-and-arguments-in-support-of-your-civil-rightsThis article was first published on 11 June, w... read more

Small Trees Could Form The Basis Of More Drought-resistant Rainforests

( life / health / environment / trees )
via Small-trees-form-basis-drought-resistant-rainforests.html UK scientists found that small trees in a water-deprived area of the rainforest showed increased capacity for photosynthesis and le... read more

Exercising With Mask Induces A "Hypercapnic Hypoxia Environment"

( life / health / fitness )
via A recent study published in the Journal Medical Hypothesis titled “Exercise with facemask; Are we handling a devil&#'s sword? – A physiological hypothesis”cla... read more

Study: Exercising With Mask Induces A "Hypercapnic Hypoxia Environment" -- Not Good

( life / health / fitness )
What Happened:A recent study published in the JournalMedical Hypothesis titled “Exercise with facemask; Are we handling a devil&#'s sword? – A physiological hypothesis”claims the following: Exercising with facemasks may reduce available... read more

The 'urban Forests' Of New York Revealed: New Study Finds The City Has Five MILLION Trees

( life / health / environment / trees )
via https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6468641/The-urban-forests-New-York-revealed-New-study-finds-city-five-MILLION-trees.htmlMost visitors think of New York's Parks ... read more

Texas Allegedly Lowered Its Diagnostic Standards To Inflate Covid Numbers

( education / research / covid / health )
via http://www.youtube.com/watch?vYYPhZGbvnT8 This amazing leaked video of officials plotting to massively inflate Covid cases. This is corruption on a massive scale and these government employees act like it's business as usual!... read more

Coronavirus - 1970s Public Information Film

( life / health / covid )
Hilarious! It's in the air, and if you sense corona virus in the air, drop to the ground face-first! youtube.com/watch?v5q7HkxNhnXA&fbclidIwAR1hfwEuHCBgf7n0rl55F-BWXCAdg4Gd8Oegzip4VOz2tUFmVXRKXi9fFnc ... read more

Bogus Covid Death Toll

( life / health / covid )
via https://www.rt.com/uk/495166-uk-halts-covid-death-update/. The British government has put on hold releasing daily updates on the number of coronavirus fatalities, after scientists noticed serious oddities in the way Public Health England counts ... read more

More Bogus Covid Cases

( life / health / covid )
They get a few covid patients, and they're tested multiple times. Each test is reported as a new case, inflating the figures exponentially. See tapnewswire.com The fact is that regard ... read more

Shopping Without A Mask In California Documentary (part 1)

( life / health / covid / shopping )
A protest video regarding this unwarranted, unlawful and un-Constitutional requirement for healthy people to wear masks. via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v9Igaxv6Pryg&t20s I have started off at Emigh's Hardware in Sacramento to show what life i... read more

Posts Removed As False

( life / health / politics )
I am very glad Trump made that order. See below. Here is something the WHO article I just got. Many of my posts were removed as false which means, obviously, this WHO article is fake, right? So I hop... read more

Ineffective CBD Oil

( life / health )
I've wasted a few hundred dollars on ineffective CBD oil, but this is good. It lowers my blood pressure at least 10 points if I take a dropper full (under the tongue and hold it for 30 seconds before swallowing) every morning. It's made in TN. I get it from an independent ... read more

Some Interesting Facts From Europe

( life / health / covid )
To what do they attribute the higher mortality in migrant neighborhoods? Nutrition? The 93 page scientific report by a combination of several German universities showed clearly that the total of deaths involving influenza like illnesses in Germany this year are 20% LESS than last year. You see the same right now on the ... read more

How To Shop Without A Mask

( life / health / covid )
This is one of the most common questions I get -- so I want to make sure you know my EXACT steps!. Click here to watch HOW TO SHOP WITHOUT A MASK You might ... read more

Farm To Fork: The Open Database That Lets People Buy Food Direct From Source

( life / health / food )
via https://www.positive.news/economics/the-open-database-that-lets-people-buy-food-direct-from-source/Set up by food activists during lockdown, Farms to Feed Us connects people with farmers and growers across the cou... read more

High Profile European Pathologist Says They Haven't Identified Any Antibodies Specific For SARS-CoV-2

( life / health / covid )
The president of the Bulgarian Pathology Association, Dr. Stoian Alexov, has called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for creating fear and hysteria without providing any actual verifiable proof a "pandemic",... read more

Two Best Friends Are Making Homemade Dog Treats To Raise Money For A Food Pantry

( life / health / food / pets )
... read more

Our Assumptions Are Wrong

( life / health / covid )
This is an amazing biological discussion that will affect the health of all people - MUST SEE Zach Bush MD is a physician specialising in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognised educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and food systems. D... read more

To Wear Or Not To Wear

( life / health / politics )
My attitude is simple: Wear a mask if you are worried, but leave the rest of us alone to breathe in peace. And, anyone who fell for this "pandemic" probably also fell for the "Arabs with box-cutters and negligible flying skills pulled off the 9/11 attacks" meme; Obama's "hope and change" or whatever he called his &qu ... read more

The Effects Of Fluoride

( life / health / water )
See articles below on the effects of fluoride. Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal B... read more

Ex Monsanto Genetic Engineer Warns About Potential Health Risks Of GMO Potatoes

( life / health / food )
via https://www.collective-evolution.com/2020/06/11/ex-monsanto-genetic-engineer-warns-about-health-concerns-of-gmo-potatoes/According to many, there are multiple health concerns that arise from ... read more

Plandemic Movie

( life / health / politics / movies-tv )
Here is the movie Plandemic that YouTube and Facebook have censored: on bitchute.com Full PLANDEMIC Documentary COMING SUMMER 2020 Prior to the completion of the full-length documen... read more

My First Quarantine-related Run-in

( life / health / covid )
I had my first run-in with a #coronanazi today at Wallgreen's. I was just trying to set my cokes down on the end of the counter rather than hold them while I waited in line. They were cold! But no, the cashier (in a mask) put up his hands and almost shouted, Please stand back! Social distancing! The customers (a man and his son) in ... read more

YouTube (and Vimeo, Apparently) Banning Content That Contradicts The World Health Organization

( life / health / politics )
I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are now living in a time where a digital authoritarian 'fact checker' is patrolling...click here for related articles.... read more

Telling Our Tree Stories

( life / health / environment / trees )
via Protecting our planet In turbulent times, being in nature among the trees can offer a vital sense of calm, solace, and inspiration. Here, we share the stories of people who've devoted their professional lives to eco-ad... read more

Quite Possibly The Most Overblown Farce In History

( life / health / covid )
via coronavirus hype The facts are: COVID-19 is a real disease that sickens some, proves fatal to others -- mostly the elderly -- and does nothing to the vast majority. That's it. The scientists le... read more

Watching TV For More Than 4 Hours A Day 'linked To Poorer Heart Health'

( culture / health )
Researchers from the University of Groningen scoured DNA of more than 400,000 Britons for genetic locations linked to sedentary behaviour,such as wa... read more

Vimeo Bans Documentary Exposing "Big Pharma's" Influence

( life / health / politics / politics )
via https://www.collective-evolution.com/2020/04/20/vimeo-bans-documentary-exposing-big-pharmas-influence-within-the-world-health-organization/Special note to reader... read more

The PPP Is Letting Our Small Restaurants And Businesses Die

( life / health / food / restaurants )
The PPP was supposed to save our small restaurants and businesses. But where's the money? ... read more

Thought For Today

( culture / quotes / health / conspiracies )
It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled! -- Mark Twain... read more

Unbelievers Protesting The Lockdown

( life / health / politics )
on YouTube... until it's taken down Civil liberties group sues Riverside County over restrictions on religious gatherings... read more

Yale's Massively Popular 'Happiness' Course Is Available Free Online

( life / health / mental )
Yale's Massively Popular 'Happiness' Course Is Available Free Online ... read more

Carrot Ginger Turmeric Drink

( life / health / food )
I just got back from Kroger where I found a new flavor of smoothie drink from Bolthouse Farms. It's called Carrot Ginger Turmeric, and I gotta tell ya, after cracking one open — not in the store, I'... read more

Raw Video Of Nashville Tornado Aftermath (2 Mins)

( life / health / environment )
See tornado video (156mb). It was taken March 11, the week after the tornado, on Eastgate Blvd. in Mt. Juliet where they have that big auto auction site you can see from I-40. If you're quick, you might notice the ... read more

Wuflu Survival Story

( life / health / covid )
in case there's anything useful in here... An anonymous user suggests, Start taking 4 oregano oil capsules as soon as you start to get sick. See oregano oil On 3/16/20 2:39 AM I am told it causes permanent lung ... read more

Corona Virus Panic

( life / health / covid )
Panic. Overreacting. Who needs terrorism when you have the news media to create a good old fashion panic? end of rant Just wash your hands regularly (as you should've been doing already) and don't touch any questionable people or objects with any part of your body (also as you should've been doing already). Wear a mask, if ... read more

A Simple Recipe For A Homemade Non-Toxic Fabric Softener

( life / health / environment )
I think he means dryer sheets, but see fabric softener. "Fabric softeners are one of the most unnecessary dangerous chemicals that you may be using in your home, and it's important that you stop ... read more

Mini Ice Age Coming

( life / health / environment )
via weather warning ice age "EARTH could be braced for a 'mini ICE-AGE' as experts warn a solar minimum could last until the 2050s." ... read more

Want To Help Bees? Leave The Dandelions Alone This Spring

( life / health / environment )
The British Ecological Society is encouraging people to mow around dandelions, buttercups, and other flowering weeds to help pollinators.... read more... read more

Iodine And Saline Kill Viruses

( life / health )
Seems you can put a cotton ball impregnated with iodine and saline in each nostril and breathe quite well: Iodine and the 1918 Influenza "Pandemic" Dr. David Derry, MD, wrote a very interesting article entitled "Iodine: the Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses". The abstract of his article is shown below. ... read more


( life / health / food / recipes )
Markowitz recipe. (pronounced pah-lah-CHIN-tuhz). Makes 4 or 5. beat well 2 eggs Add a pinch of salt ½ teaspoon sugar beat/mix in blender until has a loose consistency. Add ½ cup water and some flour while mixing, until thick enough As a test, dip spoon into mix and let the mixture drip Make sure it does... read more

California State Fair Tacos

( life / health / food / recipes )
1 potato (about 4 inches long) ¼ head lettuce 3 cloves garlic 6 green onions 1 pound lean ground beef 1 cup water ½ small can green chilies Salt and pepper 12 - 14 white corn tortillas Vegetable oil... read more

Bill's Salsa Chicken & Rice

( life / health / food / recipes )
Bill's Salsa Chicken & RiceI've been making this for years, and thought I'd share it, finally. Here's my recipe and the quantity I usually make: Six chicken breasts with skin, baked in plastic cooking bags at 400°F for about an hour (depending on your oven). Six servings of rice. I prefer brown, but white ... read more

Don's "Orange Julius"

( life / health / food / recipes )
Place ½ cup orange juice concentrate in blender Fill 2 cup container ½ full with ice cubes Add water to make 2 cups and pour into blender Add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Add 8 teaspoons sugar Blend on LOW speed until ice thoroughly crushed... read more

Ronica's Oregano Chicken

( life / health / food / recipes )
Ronica's Oregano ChickenThis is fast and easy. It is good over rice or noodles. ¼ cup butter ¼ cup lemon juice 2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 2 tablespoon soy sauce 1 ½ teaspoon dried oregano 1 large clove garlic, crushedCombine all ingredients and pour over chicken in 13 x ... read more

Easy Deviled Eggs

( life / health / food / recipes )
Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag. Seal, mash till they are all broken up. Add remainder of ingredients, reseal keep mashing it up mixing thoroughly cut the tip of the baggy, squeeze mixture into egg.... read more

National Weather Service Warns Of Falling Iguanas On Cold Night In Miami

( life / health / environment / animals )
The National Weather Service on Tuesday warned people in South Florida of the possibility of falling iguanas in advance of cold weather.... read more at upi... read more

Bees Absolutely Love Cannabis It Could Help Restore Their Populations

( life / health / environment )
Bees Absolutely Love Cannabis & It Could Help Restore Their Populationsvia https://www.collective-evolution.com/2020/01/20/bees-absolutely-love-cannabis-it-could-help-restore-their-... read more

Winter Oranges In Nebraska

( life / health / food )
Amazing. " Nebraska retiree uses Earth's heat to grow oranges in snow... See youtube.com/watch?vZD-3-gsgsnk Winter temperatures in Alliance, Nebraska can drop to -20°F (the record low is -40°F/C), but retired mailman Russ Finch grow ... read more

How To Exercise Without Moving Your Body

( life / health / fitness )
Good news! See... how-to-exercise-without-moving-your-body/ "Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a magical world where we could simply imagine whatever we wanted to happen and poof it would appear? For thousands of year... read more

Essential Oil Uses

( life / health )
Here's an interesting (and hopefully useful) article someone sent us. ... read more

Time For Trees

( life / health / environment / trees )
Time for Trees. Another worthy cause. Humankind is All organic lifeforms are facing a crisis: our ability to survive and thrive is at risk. Air and water pollution is rampant. Weather patterns are shifting at an alarming rate. Poverty is widespread. The entire globe is ... read more

Atlanta Food Forest

( life / health / food )
Such a great idea! " Atlanta's City Council just voted in favor of transforming over 7 acres of vacant property into the state of Georgia's first food forest. The measure... read more

Veterinary Medicine Said To Cure Cancer

( life / health / pets )
Dog de-worming medicine allegedly cures cancer. See Cancer cure has gotten out of control and nih.g ... read more

Sacred Chocolate

( life / health )
See Food of the gods "... drinking a homemade cacao hot chocolate in the mornings instead of coffee ... unleashes such beautiful creative energies while also giving you a subtle morning boost" ... read more

Attract Butterflies And Bees To Your Garden By Reducing Wi-fi

( life / health / environment / garden )
Attract butterflies and bees to your garden, reduce wi-fivia attract-butterflies-and-bees-to-your-g... read more

Chlorine Dioxide Breaks Down Glyphosate In Body (allegedly)

( life / health )
via autism-treated-with-chlorine-dioxide "I should say something about bleach, as a number of critics insist MMS (chlorine dioxide) is a bleach and, thus, a poison. Chlorine dioxide, the chemical that is MMS, has never been use... read more

Cayenne Supplements

( life / health / food )
I'd like to report that if anyone has prostate issues, the best treatment I know of is cayenne pepper capsules. Some time ago I bought ... read more

Wildlife Bridges

( life / health / environment )
I love this! See wildlife bridges " Bridges for bears and tunnels for tortoises have significantly reduced the number of wildlife-car collisions worldwide. "... read more

How To Lose Hundreds Of Pounds

( life / health / fitness )
See every-breath-you-take. "... contrary to intuition, over 90% of lost weight leaves the body as carbon dioxide exhaled from the lungs, disappearing into thin air."... read more


( life / health )
Did you know about this rock from Russia? It's supposed to neutralize wireless signals. I perceive a difference when I put it on my wifi-router, which I rarely ... read more

More Than Half Using Prescription Drugs Quit After Using Cannabis And CBD

( life / health / drugs )
Interesting article here: more-than-half-quit-using-prescription-drugs "A survey on cannabidoil (CBD) usage found that women are more likely than men to use CBD; and once ... read more

Give Your Liver A Break

( life / health )
via Pesticide Levels In Families Dropped By 60% After One-Week Organic Diet: Study The study tested the urine of four diverse American families in Oakland, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Baltim... read more

Antibiotics Kill Good Bacteria Too

( life / health / drugs )
"A healthy blood-brain barrier is necessary for keeping unwanted molecules and cells from entering into the brain from the bloodstream. Without a healthy blood-brain barrier, pathogens can pass from the bloodstream into the brain, causing illness and even death. The blood-brain barrier also maintains central nervous system (CNS) ho... read more

Manufactured Crisis: HPV

( life / health )
HPV, a manufactured crisisHPV vaccines are touted as a safe and effective cure for cervical cancer, but the evidence tells a different story.See http://anh-usa.org/... read more

Turmeric, Cinnamon & Ginger Tea

( life / health / food )
from My Persian Kitchen Prep time: 1 min Cook time: 30 mins Total time: 31 mins Serves: 1 cup Ingredients 1 tsp grated fresh turmeric 1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger 1 tick cinnamon 1 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice 1/2 slice of lemon ... read more

5G Coming To Oh And Tn

( life / health / environment )
And that's not a good thing. See also ... read more

Marijuana, Hemp, Cbd: What's Legal And Where

( life / health / food / plants )
For those "asking for a friend," see marijuana-hemp-cbd-whats-legal-and-where: "As the legalized cannabis industry in the United States grows with nearly every election, consumers interested in these... read more

27 Pound Bucket Of Mac And Cheese

( life / health / food )
We should just go ahead and get this for our 13yo daughter. ... read more

Autism Linked To Aluminum Adjuvants

( life / health / politics )
via aluminum-vaccines-cause-autism "We now have 5 years of medical research, mostly from outside the United States, incriminating aluminum adjuvants in vaccines as the SOLE cause of autism epidemic. JB Handley does a nice job laying out t... read more

Big Pharma In Maryland

( life / health / drugs )
"Josh Mazer is pro-vaccine, but wants vaccines to be based on sound scientific evidence and not to cause more harm than good. He also believes in providing informed consent on the risks/dangers of each vaccine." via ... read more

Panera Favorites

( life / health / food / restaurants )
Insider favorites at Panera Bread. Via panera-bread-employee-favorites... read more

Merck Accused Of Fraud Re Gardasil

( life / health / politics )
They failed to clearly state... "... the minimal risk that, even once the individual was infected with the HPV virus, the infection would result in precancerous lesions..." via greenmedi... read more

Ordering A Sandwich

( life / health / food / restaurants )
Man behind the counter: What kind of meat? Me: Tuna. Man: Ham? Me: If by "ham" you mean "tuna," then yes.... read more

HPV, A Manufactured Crisis

( life / health )
HPV vaccines are touted as a safe and effective cure for cervical cancer, but the evidence tells a different story.See http://anh-usa.org/... read more

Lingmo Language Translator

( education / health / tech )
Wow, I want one of these! Real-time language translation device whispers into your ear in real time as it's listening to the person speaking.... read more

Mosquito Anti-itch Cream

( life / health )
Mosquito anti-itch creamFYI: Aileen's Instagram page "I don't know about you but mosquitoes are crazy for me! Made some anti-itch cream. :) we shall see if it works! #herbal #apothecary #herbalremedies #handmade #kitchenwitch" ... read more

Signs Of A Stroke

( life / health / advice )
STROKE: Remember The 1st Three Letters... S.T.R. A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke... totally . He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 hours, which is tough. The stroke vi... read more

Spend Time Instead Of Money

( life / health / advice )
Great idea! "... around the world, people are using a system of exchange that requires something everyone is, for the most part, given equally, every day: Time." via ... read more

Good Food, Bad Packaging

( life / health / food )
Feedback I sent to Luvo: I love your frozen meals, but hate your packaging. Your microwave cooking instructions basically say "look elsewhere on package."Why not put the instructions right there where it says "instructions?" Opening the package afterwar... read more

Easiest Container-friendly Food Plants

( life / health / food / garden )
"We've found 35 fruits and vegetables that you can grow in containers. These range from bananas and citrus fruits to tomatoes, cucumbers, and just about anything else that you would normally plant in a larger garden." via ... read more

Actual Environmental Issues

( life / health / environment )
Here are some actual environmental issues that we should be addressing instead of "climate change" (or screaming about the U.S. pulling out of the Paris climate treaty).FYI, pollution is caused by humans... read more

Horsetail Herb Said To Remove Aluminum

( life / health / food / plants )
According to the "Health Ranger," anyway. "The Health Ranger reveals why Horsetail herb, which grows as a weed, allows your body to eliminate toxi... read more

Drop The Diet Drinks

( life / health / food )
via Diet drinks TRIPLE risk stroke dementia "Diet drinks TRIPLE your risk of stroke and dementia, and are FAR more dangerous than drinks sweetened with sugar. Boston University researchers found asparta... read more


( life / health / environment / blog )
Had to park under an overpass this morning to avoid tornadoes. No problems for me but one did touch down right near work. Someone said it hit Macy's (just across the Interstate).... read more

Leave The Trees, Please

( life / health / environment / trees )
Another reason for short-sighted land developers to leave as many trees as possible when destroying/preparing the site for the next new neighborhood. See Watching birds near your home is good for your mental health "People living i... read more

Wild Lettuce To Help Pain

( life / help / health / food )
This looks very familiar in my yard. Go here for more info: lettuce "I'm surprised I haven't come across wild lettuce as an alternative to toxic pain, migraine and anxiety pills, bu... read more

Extra Recess Time Alleviates ADHD

( life / health / drugs )
Interesting "The most common sense, natural solution to inattentive behavior in school children, however, may be the basic idea of giving children more time to free play and to engage their bodies in physical activity. It's such a simple notion in such unusual times that it actually sounds revolutionary, and several schools in Tex... read more

Farm Of The Future?

( life / health / food )
Cool! But I also like one of the commenters' idea about forest gardens. Via forest gardens ... read more

Dumbing Yourself Down

( life / health / mental )
Be careful when dumbing yourself down. Before you know it, you will "succeed." #dumbingusdown... read more

Adjusted To Winter

( life / health / environment / weather )
You know you've adjusted to winter when you walk outside to 45F degrees and think "It's not bad out here! ... read more

You Know You're Lazy When...

( life / health / environment / weather )
You know you're lazy when you check weather.com instead of getting up and going outside to see what the weather is doing! I (eventually) went outside. ... read more

Steroid Level So High In Beef It's Causing Players To Fail Drug Tests

( life / health / food / drugs )
I'm sure it's just a coincidence! :) Five months after Congress voted to remove country-of-origin labeling from pork and beef, the NFL is warning that meat produced in Mexico and China may contain a substance banned as a perfor... read more

Antibiotics Can Have Severe Lasting Effects

( life / health / drugs )
Choose raw horseradish or these natural remedies instead from Antibiotics can have severe lasting effects "(NaturalNews) Antibiotics should really be a last resort when you are feeling unwell, and the misuse of them i... read more

Never Combine These Over-the-counter Drugs

( life / health / drugs )
Never combine these over-the-counter drugs. Your life may be endangered via NaturalNews.com Good to know! ... read more

Russia Completely Bans GMOs In Food Production

( life / health / food )
That's it! We're moving to Russia! Just kidding (because it kinda sucks over there unless you're rich ... like almost everywhere else, actually). Still, this is good news for humans: "This is a bold move by the Russian government, and it sits in unison with the newly-ignited global debate on GMOs and the presence of ... read more

Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

( life / health / environment / garden )
Looks like a worthwhile project. Click the link/badge below for more info ... read more

Six Exercises For Happiness

( life / health / mental )
"These six daily happiness exercises are proven to make anyone, from a 4-year old to an 84-year old, happy, or simply happier. Achor says in just 21 days, the exercises can transform a pessimist into an optimist. Gratitude Exercises. Write down three things you're grateful for that occurred over the last 24 hou... read more

Will Graphene Supercapacitors Make Batteries Obsolete

( life / health / environment )
Cool! ... someday. From Will Graphene Supercapacitors Make Batteries Obsolete? "Researchers with the California NanoSystems Institute recently developed a new battery-like supercapacitor, a device that s... read more

Being Overweight Means You Live Longer

( life / health / fitness / research )
Why being 'overweight' means you live longer: The way scientists twist the facts I guess the only diet most of us need to be o... read more

How To Stop Bleeding

( life / health )
FYI, the I in this story is not me. The author wanted to share this info without being identified. Can you blame him? :) I looked online and it's hard to find direct, simple instructions, they tend to get academic or theoretical about it. It's very simple: APPLY HARD PRESSURE! Once, I cut myself on the job trying to free a pi ... read more

The Real Reason Wheat Is Toxic

( life / health / food )
"Standard wheat harvest protocol in the US is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields because withered, dead wheat plants are less taxing on the farm equipment and allows for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest" via ... read more

Alzheimer's Reversal

( life / health )
Wow! All you need to do is ... Eliminate all simple carbohydrates and gluten Eliminate processed food (wait, is that even possible?) Eat more vegetables and fruits Eat wild-caught fish Meditate twice a day Start yoga Get seven to eight h ... read more

List Of Common Meds Which Destroy Your Brain

( life / health / drugs )
List of Culprit Drugs (according to them): Excedrin PM, Tylenol PM, Nytol, Sominex, Unisom, Benadryl, Dramamine, Paxil, Detrol, Demerol, Elavil "You wouldn't think that taking a little pain pill would cause long term ... read more

Mighty Broccoli Sprouts Rapidly Detox Pollutants

( life / health / food )
Broccoli sprouts, anyone? "The drink used in the China study was made with broccoli sprouts developed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. They are sold under the brand name BroccoSprouts. They are widely available in superm... read more

Nutty Grain And Oat Bars

( life / health / food / recipes )
I need to try this. Too bad I hate cooking so much. I eat way too many snacks at work, but at least these are healthy. The snack ... read more

Farmers Use Social Media To Stop Food Waste

( life / health / food )
. So far, CropMobster has managed to distribute nearly half a million kilograms of food, which has brought in close to a million dollars in revenue for small producers.... read more

Staying Healthy On The Job

( life / health / employment )
Good article on staying healthy on the job, plus just plain staying at that job. "... you can't smoke cigarettes fast enough to match the damage that today's workplace is doing to you. And not just you, but everyone from the newest hire to your CEO. Your company is unknowingly dragging the life from all of you.&qu... read more

10 Ways To Survive Skyrocketing Food Prices

( life / health / food )
Good to know. from 10 Ways to Survive Skyrocketing Food Prices "Food prices are getting out of control. As meats, dairy, and eggs climb to record high prices and over 50 million Americans are now... read more

Garden Thieves

( life / health / food / garden )
Just finished putting up chicken wire around my strawberries. Elizabeth picked one last night, turned it around to look at it, and discovered that it had been bitten into. We can only assume it was rabbits.How many were ruined? I asked.Four, she said.In my garden, that's a LOT. :) Anyway, hopefully the wire (not to mention the old ... read more

52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat

( life / health / food / plants )
You should NEVER eat unripe elderberries. An important comment, above. That caution aside, this is good to know if you're ever starving or just have the munchies while wandering through your back yard! :) via ... read more

Bee-friendly Plants? Think Again.

( life / health / environment / plants )
Good info. I wonder if Ace Hardware stores are any better? Probably need to buy my plants from the farmer's market.via Bee-friendly plants? Think again.... read more

Don't Keep Calm...

( life / health / mental )
Basically, go ahead and let yourself get anxious/excited. It's OK! You might even enjoy yourself, in a way. Or at least it'll be one of those things you can look back on and laugh about. via Don't Keep Calm.... ... read more

Contributing Factors To Happiness

( life / health / mental )
What a great experiment ... and website!Scientists Discover One Of The Greatest Contributing Factors To Happiness — You'll Thank Me Later. See also ... read more

Why Your Brain Craves Junk Food And What You Can Do About It

( life / health / food )
The good news is that the research shows the less junk food you eat, the less you crave it. In other words, self-control! What a concept!via ... read more

Sit Up Straight

( life / health / advice )
... like my father always said. Apparently, there's more than just a physical benefit. via ... read more

Anti-inflammatory Smoothie To Heal You From The Inside Out

( life / health / food )
I think I'll try this. " If you are battling an aliment or just want to feel good - this smoothie rocks. The addition of cranberries helps reduce water weight too - a little aesthetically pleasing benefi ... read more

Kids Hate Broccoli

( life / health / food )
Elizabeth (at the dinner table being forced to eat her broccoli): Ugh, can I throw up? Her mom: Um, no. Me: trying not to laugh out loud Mom: You're not helping!... read more

How Does Writing Affect Your Brain?

( culture / writing / health )
How Does Writing Affect Your Brain? infographic.Interesting ... to me, anyway. "Most of us write a little something everyday. It might be a grocery list, a poem, or a write-up on the infographic of the day. As we go thr... read more

Dinner And A Show

( life / health / food / restaurants )
After stopping at Tara's sister Stephanie's house in Smyrna to pick up a newly-refurbished Kindle Fire that Todd had put ... read more

Some Non-organic Foods Contain Upwards Of 180 Times Fluoride Level Of Tap Water

( life / health / food )
via Some non-organic foods contain upwards of 180 times the fluoride level of tap water, says expert. "... the average person's cumulative exposure to fluoride from food, beverages, personal care products, and water i... read more

What Happens In Your Brain When You Get Mad And How To Control It

( life / health / mental )
What happens in your brain when you get mad, and how to control itI love this! Especially after my last post. "By using one of his strategies, projecting peace, you can activate a different set of mirror neurons and begin to defuse the other's anger. You can get them to mi ... read more

Angry People

( life / health / mental )
Funny how the day after commenting on Facebook (see below) about driving past a local rich neighborhood, this morning in that same neighborhood I ticked off the driver behind me by having the gall to use a turn lane properly. You do realize you're ... read more

Gardasil And Cervarix Don't Work, Are Dangerous And Weren't Tested Properly

( life / health / politics )
Gardasil and Cervarix don't work, are dangerous and weren't tested"Dr. Diane Harper was the lead researcher in the development of the human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. She is the latest to come forward and question the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines." ... read more

Vaccine Scandal Exposes Government Lies

( life / health / politics )
"... most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies. So they don't have the flu." A new giant vaccine scandal exposes government lies and psyops. ... read more

Struggle In The Vegetable Garden

( life / health / food / garden )
No, not just me and my pathetic crop management. While that's definitely been a struggle, there have apparently been physical altercations going on in the garden, specifically on top of the onions. The tops of those plants — once so proud and erect — are all now bent over. I hope they're not broken, not that I guess it will af ... read more

Food Matters Film

( life / health / food / movies-tv )
I finally watched this Food Matters movie last night. It was great. MD's and pharmaceutical execs will hate it, of course. Anyway, I highly recommend it.... read more

Benefits Of Turmeric

( life / health / food / plants )
Turmeric's cardiovascular benefits foundJust an FYI, above. And now this, below: turmeric and black pepper together ... read more

Not Pulled Over

( life / health / mental / dreams )
Had a very brief, mundane, realistic dream the night before last in which I was pulled over by a traffic cop. I didn't think much about it until the next morning when I was going down Antioch Pike to a client's office. That particular stretch (as you pass the sports fields) is infamous as a speed trap. The speed limit is 35, but there's... read more

Cinco De Mayo

( life / health / food )
It was Cinco De Mayo, so we tried Moe's Southwest Grill. After ten minutes with very little movement (the line was so long), we left. Next we tried Las... read more

Denied Again

( life / health / insurance )
This is the second denial in as many days. Yesterday it was the life insurance company. Today, I got one of those job application denial emails: "Thank you for your interest in our recent opening. We have had a chance to review your resume ... Unfortunately, we have decided to pursue other candidates who match our requirement ... read more

Garden Improvements

( life / health / food / garden )
I finished up my little rain barrel project yesterday. My three rain barrels used to be underneath the downspout coming off the roof. And that's great for catching the most rain, but the problem was that it is downhill from and not close enough to the garden where it's needed. I've looked into pumps, but they're expensive, which mig... read more

Insurance Companies

( life / health / insurance )
Good news: SunLife Financial sent me a refund check! Bad news: It was because they denied my policy for, according to them, failing to send all of my paperwork in on time. Um, I think faxing it in at least a couple days prior to the deadline qualifies as on time! I guess it doesn&... read more

Virtual Gym Helps Weight Loss

( life / health / fitness )
Virtual gym 'helps weight loss' As my brother anonymous says, this one's for those too lazy to actually work out. :)... read more

I Lost My Tomato Plants

( life / health / food / garden )
We had a freeze TUESDAY night, so I lost my tomato plants and probably my cucumbers. :( I replaced those original tomato plants, adding cherry tomatoes, and might have lost those too because even though I hadn't planted them yet I screwed up and left them outside one night when it got below freezing. So, those along with a NEW batch of to ... read more

This Year's Vegetable Garden

( life / health / food / plants )
My checklist for this year's vegetable garden: Soil tilled? Check! Top soil added? Check! Plants bought? Check! Seeds for plants not available for purchase? Check! Plants planted? Check! Now the watering ... and waiting begins! Oh, you're wondering what I planted? Lettuce... read more

Do We Really Need Industrial Agriculture To Feed The World?

( life / health / food )
via Anna Lappé & Food MythBusters, Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world? In a word, no.... read more

Major Food Companies Consider Lobbying For GMO Labeling

( life / health / food / politics )
Maybe there is hope for mankind, after all? Thanks to the boycotts, and more people refusing to remain ignorant? Whatever the reason, this looks promising. via Activist Post. "... there is talk of ... read more

Avoid The Pharmacy, Fight The Flu (and "the Corona") With Remedies From The Kitchen

( life / health )
via Avoid the Pharmacy: Fight the Flu with Remedies from the Kitchen. "A gargle made from salt water can relieve a sore throat. As well, it can stop a budding infection in its tracks. Mix 1 tablespoon of salt with a cup of ... read more

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces IQ

( life / health )
via Dr. Joseph Mercola: Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ. Maybe this will finally convince the idiots-that-be-in-power to stop adding it to our water? Just a thought. ... read more

Avocados Poisonous To Most Pets

( life / health / pets )
Did you know that avocados are poisonous to most pets? Check out these links: petpoisonhelpline.com ... read more

Cincinnati Passes Resolution Requiring GE Food Labeling

( life / health / food )
Cincinnati passes resolution requiring GE food labeling.Good!And that's where Kroger is headquartered, which might make it more interesting.... read more

Ford's Hemp-powered, Hemp-made Car

( life / health / environment / transportation )
I just thought this was interesting: youtube.com/watch?v54vDcPCQM8And here's another article on the same subject: 10 X Stronger Than Steel In The 1940sAnd... read more

Cold Day In November

( life / health / environment / weather )
It was cold today in Nashville! The high for the day was only about 45. I guess that'll feel warm if we get that in January, but still.... It's supposed to get down to the mid-20s tonight. I know, I know. You all in Chicago and Moscow are saying pfftt!But that's why — among other reasons — I don't ... read more

Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign

( life / health / food / politics )
Activist Post: Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies. Corporate scum at their worst, or is this merely typical?"Misuse of a United States government seal can lead to a $2... read more

Positive Attitude Equals More Control Over Your Life, Better Health

( life / health )
If you're happy, you're healthy.Or the opposite.Whatever works, right?via Positive Attitude Equals More Control, Better Health. "The bottom line: when you feel in control, you take control."... read more

Exercise Primally, Move, Lift, And Sprint!

( life / health / fitness )
via Action Item #4: Exercise Primally — Move, Lift, and Sprint "Moving frequently (at a slow pace) is the foundation of Primal fitness. It's what we are meant to do most often, and what we should b... read more

People Can Be Fat AND Fit

( life / health / fitness / research )
People can be fat AND fitGood news! "It shows that some fat people manage to remain 'metabolically healthy' even though their body mass index would suggest they ... read more

Eat Your Tomato Harvest All Year

( life / health / food / recipes )
Five Tasty Ways to Eat Your Tomato Harvest All Year "Hello tomato harvest time. If your garden (or farmer's market, or neighbor's garden) is suddenly overwhelming you with fresh tomatoes, don't be in... read more

Can Your Cat Drive You To Suicide?

( life / health / pets )
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2190086/Cat-parasite-worms-humans-brains-drive-victims-suicide.html From: diankat The answer is yes, but not through parasite worms. Mostly through ... read more

Honey, I Killed The Superbug

( life / health )
HoneyI killed the superbugvia  The Australian. "... none of the bacteria that researchers used to test the honey, including superbugs such as flesh-eating bacteria, built up any immunity"... read more

Research Shows Local Honey May Halt Allergies

( life / health / food )
For those with allergies, this might help.Research Shows Local Honey may Halt Allergies. "Honey has been considered an alternative allergy treatment for many years, with many allergy sufferers swearing by its anti-allergenic properties. Unti... read more

Our First Ever Ethiopian Restaurant

( life / health / food / restaurants )
With Elizabeth taken for the night by her wonderful Auntie, Tara and I took the opportunity last night to use a Groupon and go to an Ethiopian restaurant, Mesob. It was our first time trying Ethiopian food.The appetizer, sambusa, was very good. When th... read more

Millions Against Monsanto, The Food Fight Of Our Lives

( life / health / food )
"If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it. — Norman Braksick, president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subsidiary of Monsanto, quoted in the Kansas City Star, March 7, 199... read more

The Myth Of The Eight Hour Sleep

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... many sleeping problems may have roots in the human body's natural preference for segmented sleep ...via BBC News - The myth of the eight-hour sleep. "It's not just the number of references — it is the way they refer to it, as if it was ... read more

More Evidence Points To Pesticide As Cause Of Mass Bee Deaths

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So, literally, for the sake of human survival, please stop using at least this one pesticide by Bayer! via More Evidence Points to Pesticide as Cause of Mass Bee Deaths. "A new study publishe... read more

British Town Grows All Of Its Own Vegetables, Improved Civic Life

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British town grows all of its own vegetables, witnesses improved civic life and reduced crime as a result. "When the small British mill town of Todmorden, tucked in between Yorkshire and Lancashire, first began installing fruit ... read more

Naturally Reduce Your Risk Of Allergies

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Yet again, the solutions for most of the ailments that plague modern society are to be found in the natural world, not the synthetic world of establishment medicine and Big Pharma.via Activist Post: 3 Ways to Naturally Reduce Your Risk... read more

Thanks To The FDA, You Really Have No Idea What's In Your Food

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via Thanks to the FDA, You Really Have No Idea Whats In Your Food. "It's been stuck this way since the early 1990s, when the FDA hired former ... read more

Rick Perry's Gardasil Problem

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Rick Perry's Gardasil problem... his former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Merck and ... his chief of staff's mother-in-law ... was the state director of an advocacy group bankrolled by Merck ... ... read more

Technology Which Could Save The World

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via Technology which could save the world "... read more

Clean 15, The 15 Lowest Pesticide-Prone Forms Of Produce

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Clean 15: The 15 Lowest Pesticide-Prone Forms of Produce. "If you don't buy organic, health experts like David Suzuki suggest avoiding toxic pesticides linked to health issues includin ... read more

Candwich, Sandwich In A Can Goes On Sale

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Not a bad idea!Candwich: Sandwich in a can goes on sale "The American makers of the Candwich, a sandwich in a can which can be dispensed by vending machines and... read more

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage

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Emergency Essentials - Be Prepared Emergency Preparedness Food Storage.That's the Boy Scout motto, isn't it? Never hurts. " BePrepared.com is the world's largest dedicated online marketplace for survival food, water, and gear. They're a complete one-stop shop for everything ... read more

Supermarket Meat Tainted With Drug-Resistant Bacteria

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Supermarket meat tainted with drug-resistant bacteriaAnother reason to go vegetarian, although their math isn't right. Forty-seven percent is much worse than 1 in 4. Maybe we should actually read the article? :) via ... read more

1 In 4 Supermarket Meat Samples Tainted With Drugs

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Another reason to go vegetarian, although their math isn't right. Forty-seven percent is much worse than 1 in 4. Maybe we should actually read the article? :) via 1 In 4 Supermarke... read more

Which Food Additives Make Children Behave Badly

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via Which Food Additives Make Children Behave Badly. "... food additives used in hundreds of children's foods and drinks can cause temper tantrums and disruptive behavior ...&q... read more

Ways To Save Water

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Great site: Ways to save water "Graywater is the water that goes down the drains from your washing machine, bathroom sinks and showers. When you stop to think about it, the average top-loading washing machine wil... read more

Cool Solution To Clean Up Oil Disaster

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Don't know if they used any of this on the BP oil disaster last year, but good to know for future events.. VIDEO.... read more

Pick Your Own Fruit And Vegetable Farms

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This could prove useful as food (and gas) prices soar this coming year: Where to Find Pick-Your-Own Fruit and Vegetable Farms / Orchards for Local, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Pumpkins, Along With Canning, Freezing & Preserving Instructions!See also: ... read more

Winter Has Arrived

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It's been snowing all day, at least an inch and a half accumulation. Earlier, I put some de-icer on the driveway in preparation for tomorrow morning. Before that, I had to walk the dogs in the snow. You know, pugs don't like snow. It just really throws them off, having to go potty on something white instead of green. Lying here now, blo... read more

Dems Pull Fast One With Food Safety Bill

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via newswithviews.com/NWV-News/news233.htm "It didn't take long for Democrats in the House to figure a way around the constitutional roadblock that halted the advance of S. 510: The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, following its approval by the S... read more

Food Safety Hypocrites

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These people all need to go: libertynewsonline.com/article30129693.php... read more

Which Airports Have Body Scanning Technology

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Airports to avoid, if at all possible: Which airports have body-scanning technology At least my airport, Nashville Int'l, uses the less dangerous model. ... read more

Fall Is Definitely Here

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It was actually cold all day today, but that didn't stop me and Elizabeth, then the pugs, from spending half of our day outside! First, we went exploring the new neighborhood being built nearby. I don't know why they're building. There's plenty of existing houses that no one wants to buy. Whatever. At least they've created lots of good dirt piles t... read more

Another Reason To Avoid Monsanto Products

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A very technical article. from GMO-Free-Europe-2010 "It is important to note that the bulk of the data provided during the evaluation stages of GBH/GMO safety were provided by the i... read more

We Did It!

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copied from Lori's email Hello Everyone!!! I am so excited to tell everyone the great news!!! We did it! Cure JM was number 1 at midnight last night! Because of all of our wonderful friends and family we were able to win the 250K grant from Pepsi! This money will directly benefit Lucas! His doctor is the head of the foundation! This is ... read more

Vets And Doctors

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I took Chandler to the vet this morning to get his teeth cleaned. I know, it sounds crazy, but it's actually very important, just like with humans. Anyway, because of road construction and mo... read more

Burn Your Bra

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... after you remove it, of course. Apparently, they cause cancer. No kidding! Here's the link: all-natural.com Women who wore their bras 24 hours per day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer (in their study, n2056 for the cancer gro... read more

Maybe Cashiers Need To Wear Gloves

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Maybe their customers should wear gloves, too. Via ... read more


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New technique to produce hydrogen fuel from waterOld footage from BP relief well oil blow-out: bp.concerts.com ... read more

Buy Local Food

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via Using Local Organic Cooperatives To Defeat Globalists "Okay, you're awake, back among the human tribe. Now what? You are not alone in wondering what is the best way to fight the globalists.There is a vastly growing ... read more

Stop Buying Paper Towels

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Save the rain forests and add a little style back to your dinner table. Use dinner napkins. You know, actual cloth napkins. Remember those? Your mother used to use them. Maybe your grandmother. Anyway, stop buying paper towels! It's a waste of paper, and cloth napkins are actually cheaper in the long run, anyway. Here's another short ar ... read more

Genetically-engineered Food Right To Know Act

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Ask Your Congresspersons to Cosponsor HR 5577, Representative Kucinich's Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act "10. Almost all non-organic processed food or animal products in the U.S. today contain ingredients that come from genetically engineered crops or from animals given genetically engineered feed, vaccines or gr... read more

Safety First

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Always wear your safety glasses when mowing the lawn or weed-eating. I didn't today (though I do half the time), and I got hit in the eye with a rock that was launched by the mower blade, bounced off the side of the house, and hit me in the left eye. My first thought after I let go of the mower — which killed the engine — and pu... read more

Make Your Own Toothpaste

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Make your own (healthy) toothpaste here: make-your-own-safe-natural-and-healthy-tooth-pastes-and-tooth-cleansers-1955 "Virtually all commercial toothpastes contain one or both of two prob ... read more

Saved A Blackberry Bush

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A couple of them, actually. I was going to post this to blackberryrescue.com, but there is no such site. Wait, maybe I should check. You never know. Guess what? There IS such a site, but it has to do with the ubiquitous electronic device. Anyway, on a couple of recent dog walks through t... read more

Aetna Reverses Its Decision

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My insurance company, Aetna, which denied a $10,000 medical claim last year, has finally reversed its decision (after my second appeal) and decided to process the claim again.Woo-hoo!Let's see how it actually shakes out, though, before I get too excited.... read more

Pesticides Causing ADHD

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It might explain the relatively recent phenomena. via health-kids-and-parenting/ See also Why French kids don't have ADHD and ... read more

Waxman Sneaks Anti Vitamin Amendment Into Wall Street Reform Bill

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Waxman represents L.A. on the west side up to Santa Monica. I bet those people take LOTS of supplements. via naturalnews.com/028687HenryWaxmanhealthfreedom.html "Of all the sneaky tactics practiced in Washington D.C., this rece... read more

Water Problem Solution Ideas

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Email from anonymous to Nashville mayor regarding drinkable water shortage: Mayor Dean, if you announce STIFF FINES for anyone exceeding HALF OF LAST MONTH'S WATER USAGE, and SUPER STIFF FINES for anyone exceeding last month's usage, you will get better... read more

"e-Waste" Collection Of Computers, TVs, Other Electronics

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There will be an E-Waste (computers, TV's, other electronics) collection held Saturday May 8 at the Walmart Supercenter located on Nolensville Pike a quarter mile south of Old Hickory Blvd. from 8 a.m. — 12 noon. Other sites will be announced as soon as possible. Please visit ... read more

Vegetable Garden (2010)

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Hopefully, this third time is the charm!It has begun.See pictures, below.Click to zoom in (twice to zoom in 100%): The white fence in bed #1 is for the peas to cling to once they start growing.The real fence in the background of the first picture is what I eventually finished last year bu... read more

Decent Breakfast Place?

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Calling all breakfast eaters: Does anyone know of a decent place for breakfast near Nashville's (BNA) airport? My sister is passing through town next weekend and wants to have breakfast with Elizabeth (everyone else is secondary). We have a short time frame ( or 3 hours) for breakfast be... read more

Has The FDA Lost Its Mind... Again?

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cherries and walnuts are not drugs "In the latest volley of the US Food and Drug Administration's bizarre war on scientific freedom of speech, the FDA has sent a Warning Letter to the president and CEO of Diamond ... read more

Make Your Own Sports Drink

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... for a fraction of the cost. This is the one thing that kills our food budget, but we keep buying it because my back muscles seem to need the electrolytes to keep from spasming.At least, that's what I've convinced myself of. I've been battling back problems since 1996, and this is just part of the routine I've settled into.Anyway, ... read more

Happy Spring!

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I am sooooo glad winter is over ... here in Nashville, anyway. I'm also glad we're not getting any flooding like North Dakota. Now, I need to make up for last year in my vegetable garden. Last year was a wash-out because of the late freeze warnings, combined with my back and knee problem... read more

Cake Mixes And Toxins

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PLEASE remember to check your cupboards when you get home tonight!!! Throw away ALL OUTDATED pancake mix, brownie mixes, Bisquick, cake and cookie mixes, etc., you have in your home. A high school student had pancakes and it almost became fatal. His mom, a registered nurse, made him pancakes, dropped him off at school and headed to play ten... read more

GMO Foods

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Genetically-modified cotton is poisoning people in India. In this country, non-organic soybeans, corn and canola (most non-organic of these are GMO) are poisoning people. It's in corn chips and other products. They are making soybeans and corn that are Round-up ready, which means, they have pesticide IN THE FOOD, which infects and GROWS in your i... read more

My Cousin Kenny's Book

( culture / writing / books / health )
Scared to Life ... and Loving It!: One Man's Journey With Prostate Cancer (Paperback) ... read more

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

( life / health / food )
Very cool talk given here. He talks fast, so you have to pay close attention. 6 ways mushrooms can save the world... read more

Benefits Of Turmeric (2009)

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Turmeric, a spice which they eat loads of in India, essentially shuts down cancer switches in the body. Especially effective for breast and prostate cancer, but really all cancers. I add turmeric to at least one meal a day, as well as cayenne which is great for the cardiovascular system and inflammation ... read more

What To Plant Now

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Just FYI if you were wondering, 'cuz I was. "Broccoli.If you live in a warmer climate and can find a quick growing Broccoli variety, you can harvest well into November."Source: What to Plant Now... read more

Too Many Doctors Lately

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I had knee surgery the other day. They removed my bursa sac that kept filling up with fluid due to an injury. The only thing I can figure is that it happened when I helped this neighbor kid stop his bike as he was coming down the hill, scared and saying, Help! I jumped in front of him and stopped him, but he and the bike were heavier, with more m ... read more

Epidural Steroid Injection

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Well, I finally had my epidural steroid injection that I seem to need every 3 or 4 years for my bulging/ ruptured/ herniated disc (between L4 and L5, for you medics out there). I just got the shot yesterday at the Pain Management Group in Antioch. I'm already feeling better, alth... read more

Amnesty Day At The Dump

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That sounds weird, but I just returned from the dump/recycling center, in my case the one on Omohundro Drive. I dropped off the old dishwasher along with my usual recycling and household trash. Anyway, the woman there told me that today (Saturday, May 15) is an unadvertised amnesty day when you can drop off ANYTHING (other than nuclear wast... read more

Thought For The Day

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I was noticing how I'm not as good of a speller as I used be, or at least not as quick. Old age, I figured. Brain deteriorating. Oh well. Then I decided it's not necessarily that big a deal when certain brain synapses or pathways/habits die or just get worn out. It just forces me to use other mental processes, other brain routes, sendin... read more

The Starch Solution

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All about removing meat and dairy from your diet. The McDougall Newsletter - Introduction to New McDougall Book — The Starch Solution. "My recommendation for eating starches puts glazed looks on people's faces, and many dismiss me as cert... read more


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This just in: turmeric and black pepper together New Alternative Newsletter! .newspaper -webkit-columns: 90px ... read more


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This just in: turmeric and black pepper together Kind Earth Recipes by Anastasia ... read more

California's Energy Crisis

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From: Steve Subject: energy crisis Date: Friday, May 11, 2001 9:13 AM Dear Mark Williams (KFBK talk show host, for those others getting this message)    You mentioned the $2,000 price of energy the other day, not paid to the power generators, but to the middlemen. From what I understand, (and please ... read more

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