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how to move a book store

  Cool! Human-chain-helps-British-book-store-move-down-the-street... read more

novels, novellas, 99 cents, last train out, operation detour, lottery president, temporary insanity

  Each of my novelsnovellas is now 99 cents (or FREE through Kindle Unlimited) (link). Temporary Insanity is FREE on Lulu. Oth... read more

free novella and novels

  Free novella Temporary Insanity Long before winning the lottery and running for president, Benny was living in L.A. working as a temporary word processor (glorified typist). For his latest assignme... read more

last train out

   Last Train Out, eBook (... read more

my novels

   While working on my latest novel (an extremely fictionalized... read more

best thrillers of all time

  Best thrillers of all time.According to the Telegraph, anyway. An interesting list.Several if not most of these were that author's first novel (first published novel, anyway). I've actually ... read more

to get an idea about my books

   Click here for ... read more

serialized version of operation detour

   I have serialized my novel, "Operation Detour." The first several installments have been scheduled, one a day, starting yesterday. If you... read more

a couple of books/novellas on kindle

   I've published a couple of booksnovellas on Kindle recently: "Lottery Pre... read more

lottery president ebook now available on kindle

  Click here for your Lottery President... read more

my cousin kenny's book

  About surviving his prostate cancer See Scared to Life ... read more

stories to download

   Get your "eBooks" here!Links to my Lulu and Amazon book pages. ... read more

i am now a published author

  OK, so it's SELF-published, but still ... :) It's called "Lottery President." Hopefully, it's at least slightly entertaining. Tell a friend! Here's one of my broth... read more

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