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Matt Gaetz: Trump Is Not Resigning And Not Leaving The Public Stage -- He Remains The Inspirational Leader Of A Loving And Patri

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Rep. Matt Gaetz joined FOX News on Sunday to discuss the Democrat Party's latest attempt to impeach President Donald Trump. Democrats are hoping to destroy President Trump and his Make America Great Again movement before he leaves office. Gaetz told FOX News he ... read more

Lights Out In Shining City On Hill As Trump Stages Coup Bid

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The next two weeks could see mounting violence across the US. Despite vociferous condemnations, it looks like Trump and his supporters staged a shocking assault with impunity on the political institutions and the lights are not exactly back ... read more

South Korea Demands Release Of Gulf Tanker Seized By Iran: Tehran Denies Taking Vessel 'Hostage' As It Seeks $7billion In Oil Fu

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Daily Mail South Korea has demanded the release of a tanker that was seized by Iran on Monday in the latest Gulf stand-off pitting Tehran... South Korea demands release of Gulf tanker seized by Iran: Tehran denies taking vessel 'hostage' as it seeks ... read more

Quarantine Act On The World Stage

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By Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath Image by Gordon Johnson Event 201 programmed world governments to fall in line and respond with one voice. However, in order for the plan to succeed, the people would have to comply in large numbers. Now that deadlines of declared ... read more

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