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Covid-19 is Not a Coronavirus

by bill - 2020-12-14 - ( life / health / covid )

via state-of-the-nation

What's the crucial point? The primary infection agent in all COVID-19 patients is a parasite, not a coronavirus.

Everything points to a COVID-19 parasite similar to those that cause malaria. Let's face it: there's a HUGE difference between a parasite and a virus, and the bioengineers knew that...

And here (if it's not taken down) is an amazingly informative video by Tom Barnett (an Aussie) who knows all about viruses (virii): Why you can't catch a virus. See also: loririel

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I don't think covid is a parasite. Cancer is not a fungus, but fenbendazole (fish bendazole), an anti-fungal medicine, helps the body to kill it. - anonymous, 2020-12-15 07:26:52
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