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Just know that so-called authorities routinely lie to us

by bill - 2020-10-05 - ( life / health / politics / )

So, don't do ANYTHING based solely on their word. DIStrust and verify, especially when there is a power or profit motive. They're hoping you don't see the power motive inherent in this overblown "health threat" but, trust me, there is, and they have lost all credibility in the eyes of those who think for themselves.

The plan was for the profits to go to the pharmaceutical companies (with bribes in turn handed out to politicians, bureaucrats and "news" media figures).

Hopefully, we'll eventually have the appropriate trials and convictions, but that takes time and we don't have to wait before we put this fake "pandemic" behind us.

See also can-we-finally-heal-our-collective-trauma and can-we-now-continue-our-human-evolution and congressmen-come-and-go-but-corruption-is-here-to-stay.html

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